Aug 12

3 Tactics to Get More E-mail Subscribers from Your Blog


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Welcome to my name is Kavit Haria.
Now, though the most important part of my business is email. I generate pretty much every single inquiry for any kind of consulting, services, products, sales from my email database. That’s because I have a beautiful relationship with them having built and written on a regular basis highly valuable information that they’ve come to learn know and trust about.

So, I do that definitely on a regular basis. The other thing that I do is I build that email list. I continuously build that email list through my blog. Now here are 3 ways I use my website to add more people to my email list.

1. I blog regularly, I write one article a week at a minimum that goes on my blog that is highly valuable, and then I spend the rest of my time that week promoting that article.

2. The second thing I do is I create videos on a regular basis, just like this one. Once a week a video goes out and then I spend the rest of my time trying to promote and share that video.

3. And the third thing that I do is I turn some of my popular articles, group them into different contents and turn that into a whitepaper that somebody can download and read as they go. So, to download it of course they’ve got to give me their email address. If they like my articles and they want to get updates whenever I produce new content they get my email address and if they like these videos again you can sign up at and join the newsletter, which gives you more content then you’re ever going to get on the blog and it is more direct and uncut and rough around the edges but it’s really the meat of marketing that you receive in your inbox.

And so, people sign up for this information by me producing content on a regular basis, and because I build a wonderful relationship with people by writing regular email on a regular basis I started generating enough inquiries for my business and start seeing those people turn into sales and customers and lifelong friends with my lifestyle business.

So, those are 3 ways I build my email list and I hope you get started building your email list. It is the most valuable asset you could ever own in my opinion. Better than real estate, better than stock, better than anything else and you can turn that into sales on a regular basis for your products and services.

I hope that has been useful, speak to you soon, bye.