Apr 22

3 Ways to Research Content for Your Blog


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Hi, it’s Kavit Haria welcome to InsiderInternetSuccess.com.

If you’re creating new content for your blog for your videos, for your white paper reports, for you webinars, your pod casts. How do you research new ideas? How do you brainstorm new ways?
I’ve got 3 ways I wanted to share with you in this video.

Now 3 things I do to brainstorm my content.
The first thing I do is go to Google Alerts and subscribe to specific keywords or key phrases. So, for example when I go to Google.com/alerts I will sign up for the words content marketing or I will sign up for the words lifestyle business or simple productivity.

Anything that is new and is fresh on the web and matches these keywords, Google picks them up and sends me an email everyday once a day with a digest of all these new resources that have been put up in the web that match these keywords.

Now another trick you can do is, you can actually put content marketing and with capital AND study the word study. Now when I put the word content marketing AND study it shows me all the researches or all the listings that have come online in the last few 24 that have to do with studies on content marketing or case studies on content marketing.

So I can go review them, research them learn from them and read them. So this is the first thing that I’ll do.
The second thing that I’ll do to brain storm new content is I’ll run a survey. So I will ask my data base or people on Facebook or Twitter What are the top 3 things that are challenging for you right now?, What are your more common problems?, What is is you would like to learn the most about? When it comes lifestyle business or building a business online or content marketing or lead generation. Whatever these top ideas are that people have they’ll put it out in a survey, and those become my ideas or further brainstorm for things that I’ll put into a blog.

So Google Alerts, surveys and the third that I do is I sin up for something called mention. Now mention.net or mention.com is a service that basically scans the entire social media world for anything that is being mentioned on these terms.

So if I put in mention and I go and type in content marketing study it will pick up everything in social media around those topics that I’m interested in and send them to me. And again I get a list of all these different things that are trending right now, what people are discussing and if somebody is discussing it right now there is a lot of people discussing it then it’s quite likely that it can be something that if I write about, it will attract a lot of traffic and people to my website.

So now that I have the Google alerts, the mention and I so the survey. I read a lot of these ideas, I read different articles and videos and watch videos that give me content that I can then digest, think about, practice, implement and then regurgitate in the form of articles.

So, that’s how I create new blog posts. By the 3 ways that I brainstorm before I go into the entire writing process.
I hope you found that useful and I hope you get started researching some content for your own blog, videos, whitepaper or any other piece of content that you create. I hope that’s been useful.

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Oh, by the way I’d love to hear from you in the discussion. How do you research new pieces of content for your website? What do you do? Where do you get your ideas from? What do you brainstorm with? Leave a comment below this video and I look forward to catching up with you soon.

All the best, bye.