Aug 05

4 Things You DON’T Need to Start an Online Business


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On a weekly basis I speak to a lot of people that are interested in signing up or buying or investing or starting a lifestyle business online. On their own, a business they can take and travel with and still generate an income for them and their family. But they all seem to have very similar questions about what they do and do not need.

So, here are 4 things that you do not need to begin with when you’re starting an online lifestyle business:

1. You do not need a business card, it is not your most essential expense. If you are starting out online and you want to put all your resource into everything that you can do right away. So, that would generate your initial income and start pushing that forward. With an online business you’re primarily focused online with marketing online, everything online. So you don’t definitely right now need a business card. Later on down the road you will of course.

2. You do not need anything more than PayPal to start making money. To start earning money, you don’t need to look for the most cost effective even results based system. You just need find PayPal, sign up to PayPal start using that to generate income and then you can look at other systems as you go along.

3. You do not need to be planning for millions. You just need to plan right away to get started to push that forward. A lot of people I speak to look for incorporation, they look for ways that they can save tax, ways they can save money. Do that when the time comes for it, for now just start generating sales online, build that slowly and then push forward.

4. You do not need to be an incorporation right now. You don’t need to become a limited company or and Inc. or anything like that right away. Just start your business online and slowly as you get going as you generate sales, then you can look into the real, what is required. For some businesses you don’t ever need to be a limited company. For some you can just work as a partnership or a sole trader. So, you need to look at that only once you’ve started going. These are not key things to start with right away.
So, start with what’s required find a really good product that matches up to your need, build your email list, write email sequences and you will start generating sales right away.

I hope that’s been useful and if there’s anything else that you’ve experienced in your journey so far or if you have questions about what you need or don’t need when you’re starting out. Put it in the comments box below. I look forward to engaging with you, writing my responses and sharing my own views as well.

So, I look forward to catching up with you soon. All the best, bye.