Nov 19

4 Ways to Use Webinars


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I’m Kavit Haria welcome to

In the last video we talked about webinars. The powerful tool for converting people or prospects in your funnel to sales. But I wanted to share with you in this video four specific ways that I have used webinars. Four potential ways you can use webinars in your business as well.

The first one is:

1. Teaching – You know if you’re running a training session like a real proper providing training and value to people teaching how to do stuff using webinars is a beautiful way. You can create a PowerPoint you can run demonstrations and you can show people without being in front of them on a physical basis you can show exactly how to do things and how to learn things using webinars.

A lot of my training is provided through webinars, I get to speak with people all over the world, it’s opened up my entire consumer base my customer base my clients to be anywhere in the world they want to be as long as they can log in to watch a webinar with me.

That’s the first way. The second thing I love about webinars is hosting

2. Q&A Calls – so I can basically just set up a time, set up a day pass the link out to my customers and say. Hey were running a Q&A session. Your opportunity to ask any question and I’ll give you my answers.

So the ask Kavit webinars are really popular. People can ask whatever questions they want to about their business and I’ll be there to answer them for them and you know the interaction is amazing because when somebody feels like they are getting that personal value. It builds a lot of trust, it builds a lot of connection and they’re very likely in the future at some point whenever they’re ready to purchase and invest with some of the things that I offer.

So Q&A webinars are really a creative idea for doing this.

3. Sales webinars – You know of course that’s what we’re talking about. if you want to basically run a preview session, getting some insights and content of course what it is that you do that can help the other person, so that they’re benefitting in their business from what it is that you’re doing.

So for example if you run a service ah, you know that basically helps, you know businesses get on top of their accounts for example. You would run an educational webinar that would basically preempt potentially working with you or inquiring with you for your services.

A really powerful way of getting your content out there to a lot of people and using your content to do the selling so you can generate those inquires.

And #4. Interview Webinars – interviews are a phenomenal way to connect in with other people, building a joint venture partnerships with other people so people are basically engaging with you, you know from other people so that you’re having cross promotion and most importantly they’re really fun to do. People really love to listen to interviews. People love to listen to light conversations about a specific topic.

So in your market, who could you find, who could you go out to that is maybe recognized as an expert, or their your successful clients to get onto a webinar to interview and have other people listen in. Because it builds your creditability it builds their creditability and it provides a whole lot of values.

So four ways that I basically use webinars.

1. Interviews
2. Q&A Webinars
3. Teaching Webinars
4. Sales Webinars

And I want you to think about how you can bring a mix of these into your business. to use the same one medium to create a lot of success for your customers and for yourself as well.

I hope you’ve enjoyed that 4 quick ways that you can use webinars and I look forward to catching up with you in a future video.

Speak to you soon, bye.

  • ioan pongrat

    Yes , thank you very much Kavit Haria

  • ioan pongrat

    Yes , thank you very much Kavit Haria