Apr 29

5 Simple Tricks to Rank Higher on Google


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So I wanted to share with you 5 simple tricks that’ll help you rank higher on Google.

My name is Kavit Haria welcome to Insider Internet Success

Let’s jump right into it. Look for your website to be popular. For you to spend a lot less on advertising and for you to get a lot more people to your website. You want to be ranking a lot higher on Google.

So, how do I rank higher on Google and what the tactics I use to get myself ranking higher on Google?

So here are 5 tactics:

1. Write click worthy headlines – the most important part of any piece of content that you create is the title. If the title is not catchy enough nobody is going to read beyond it or watch more than the video. So you want to make sure the title you come up with is click worthy. It’s something that people will click on they’re going to come onto your website because of the title. So if your title is there and it ranks in Google. People will see it ranking in Google and they’ll want to click on your site and of course the more people that click the higher your page is going to rank in Google so, make sure your headline or title is very click worthy.

2. Add a meta description – Now a meta description is a piece of code that goes behind the website.You can’t exactly see that in the front of the website. But it helps Google pick up the keywords and pick up exactly what the site is about to rank that in Google. Now if you’re using WordPress I recommend something called, the Yost plug-in. Now the Yost plug-in allows you for every single piece of content you create to put in a meta description at which Google can pick up and read using their technical software to rank them on the website.

3. Join Google+ – Now Google plus has a system called authorship. When you join Google Plus authorship, it takes all your content and puts it with a little picture a little social signal on Google ranking, which increases the rankings and increases the trustworthiness of anybody who is surfing Google. So, go to Google Plus and join what is called authorship.

4. Add Social Elements – So add the Facebook button, the Twitter button, the LinkedIn button, the Google Plus button, the Pintrest button. Whatever is appropriate from your market, your industry add those buttons to your website. Because what’s going to happen is people will start to share your content and the more they share the more popular it becomes the higher your website ranks. Remember Google ranks your websites through two basic ideas. #1 get your content to be relevant, get your marketing to be relevant. And #2 have popular content. If you can do these two things using 5 tactics, you’re going to go up.

So where were we:

1. Click worthy headlines
2. Meta description
3. Google Authorship
4. Social signals
5. Use images – if you can use images in your content and have tags for everything (little titles for every image, little caption for every image) Google is going to pick up the images as well. So, now you’re not only going to be found in the Google web results but your’re going to be found in the Google image results which also drives a lot of traffic to your website. It increases the popularity an therefore increases the ranking.

So here are 5 things you can do right away to increase your rankings on Google. And when you do these things you reduce your advertising budget, you get more people coming to your site and ultimately you get more leads, inquires and sales.

I hope you’ve enjoyed that little video and found it useful. And I look forward to catching up with you very soon.

All the best, bye.