Oct 08

5 Steps to publishing your E-Book to Kindle


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I’m Kavit Haria welcome to wwwinsiderinternetsuccess.com

So you’ve got your manuscript written and you’ve got this Word document, you’ve written your entire book. Now how do you publish it? Well there are five steps I want to walk you through very quickly in this short video tip.

The first one is this:

1. You need to finalize your title – I mean maybe you’ve written your book, you have a working title, you have some ideas for what you want to write about. Of course for the title there are several different things you can do, but you now want to finalize it because you next going to publish. So the first thing with the e-book title is you want to try to get a very good headline, and a sub-headline. A short punchy, catchy headline or a key title and a sub-headline. For example the four hour work week is a very awesome short catchy title. And it has a sub-title that follows it to do with in a freedom outsourcing the new rich and so forth. Every book you look at that is selling really well in the non-fiction world seems to have a title and a sub-title. And you can create a title like that as well. So finalize your title, that’s step one.

Step Two:

2. Write a Product Description – You can write up to 2,000 characters worth of a description or introduction in what your book is about. This will appear on the Amazon product page. So, when you publish your book they’re going to ask for a product description. And you can write a few paragraphs about what your book is, including their bullet points because it’s easy to skim through and read bullet points opposed to reading paragraphs after paragraph. So, short paragraphs, a lot of bullet points about what they’re going to learn from your book. And if you can include a couple reviews or testimonials like write out. This is what this person said about my book or this is what this person said about my book or this is what the media, newspaper, blog or magazine said about my book. Have basically a couple of paragraphs maybe short, lots of bullet points and the review.

And then that’s step 2 so step 3 then is to:

3. Decide on the cover – now you may have already have a cover set up. make sure you have a cover that has a big attractive image, but also gets across the title so as someone is skimming across Amazon they will see your title pop-up. We’ve covered the cover, how to create a cover in other various videos so have a look through the episodes catalog and you’ll find some information about how to design a cover and follow that through but make sure you have a very good cover set up.

Step Four:

4. You want to convert it – In the previous video we talked about how to convert your e-book using a piece of software called Calibre, so you could preview it in the MOBI format. So have a look at that and then.

Step Five:

5. Of course is to publish – So you want to go to http://kdp.amazon.com follow the eight or nine steps there to publish and you’ll have your book on the way to being recognized in Amazon as one of the published books in their catalog on the Kindle.

So five steps:
1. Decide on your title.
2. Get your product description written.
3. Get your cover done.
4. Convert it to MOBI.
5. Publish.

And there you go, that’s how you publish your book once you got your manuscript. So five quick steps you want to complete as soon as you have your book done and there you go you can enjoy that process. Go ahead make it happen.

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I look forward to speaking with you very soon, in a future video, bye.

  • Carolyn

    Thanks Kavit for the valuable info – I am about to publish my first ebook and this clarified the final steps for me. Thanks again 🙂

  • Carolyn

    Thanks Kavit for the valuable info – I am about to publish my first ebook and this clarified the final steps for me. Thanks again 🙂