May 06

6 Types of Content To Attract More Clients


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Hi I’m Kavit Haria welcome to

Now there are so many different types of content you can create and we have been talking about content for the last few weeks.

So, I wanted to share with you 6 different ideas or 6 different new types of content you can start to create for your market.

Now before I do that the most important thing to understand is that content should match your markets consumption method.

So, if your market is a stay a home Mom who’s generally very busy, who doesn’t have time to flick through a book or report. Then, perhaps when they’re driving to and fro destinations they might want to listen to your material on a CD or MP3.

So, for that reason a CD or MP3 might be a better idea. If your audience is somebody who sits on a train and travels a long time. They may even prefer to read or to listen as opposed to watch videos because it might not be possible for them to easily stream or to have videos on their machines to watch.

So, think about first of all. How do your market consume information? And then second pick some methods not all methods but 2 or 3 methods you are going to do really well and do them consistently without fail even though you might feel like your not doing them that well initially if you keep doing them consistently first of all you’re going to get better but 2 it’s going to show that your serious, your sustainable, your going to last a long time and your going to provide good value.

So, here are 6 methods:

1. The first is of course the traditional blog post. You write a blog post, maybe 500-700 words not or because they might not read it gets too long. But keep it short and punchy and you provide good content. Do that regularly

2. Perhaps video. Video tips like these or video episodes like these. Maybe a series of videos that are broken down and delivered over a period of time again like this one that I’m creating all about content marketing. So, videos are short and sharp and simple to get across.

3. Webinars, webinars are educational presentations and we have talked about them in previous episodes and you can find out more about them below.

4. Podcasts, audio podcasts in 2014 seem to be hitting the roof especially when it comes to iTunes. iTunes automatically downloads content onto your podcast app on your phone or iPad or your computer, you never have to just actually go and receive it, it’s just a push download. So, it’s a wonderful way of hitting a lot of people. And compared to millions of videos on YouTube they’re aren’t that many podcasts on iTunes yet.

5. White Paper Reports are wonderful way for you to get short pieces of information out so people can download them and read.

6. MP3s little interviews or ideas or tidbits that you can record in a very short bursts 10, 20, 30 minutes that you could give as regular content.

Again, all of this stuff has to be broken down and done consistently. If you do it consistently you’re going to get the best measurable results.

So, 6 new methods of content. I hope you liked it , feel free to share this video and I look forward to catching up with you next week in next weeks episode.

Speak to you soon, bye.

  • ioan pongrat

    Yes , thankyou very much .. Kavit Haria , for prezentation .. know situation is diferent here , with all respect

  • ioan pongrat

    Yes , thankyou very much .. Kavit Haria , for prezentation .. know situation is diferent here , with all respect