Aug 13

A small rant on Facebook and why I use it.


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Early morning March 2009, I joined Facebook.

I don’t really know if that was the month, but I’m going to just take a calculated guess. I may be way off.

I was one of those sheep you’d never notice in a herd full of 500,000.

Even if the herd was smaller, with 99 fellow sheep, you wouldn’t be able to pick me out.

I was doing what everyone else was doing. I opened a profile, I started adding my friends, then I began adding more so-called “friends”, I started posting pictures of my whiskey nights out (I don’t drink anymore!), my globe-trotting travel, stuff that shouldn’t even be mentioned, and a lot more.

I even started sharing my blog posts, my sales pages, my offers, my webinars.

Heck, I even still do some of that now.

But, you see, looking back, that never really made me any money. If anything, I’ve flushed down over 10,000 hours down the toilet.

By Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours hypothesis, I’d be an expert in wasting time. Send me the certificate please.

Fortunately, just over two years ago, I had a brainwave from something Warren Buffet said (no, I don’t know him, he didn’t say this to me personally, but I’ll share it with you tomorrow on the webinar…).

He told me something that changed my approach to Facebook.

Buffet doesn’t even manage his own Facebook.

But what he said changed my life.

I stopped copying everyone’s Facebook model to create money and I tried his approach.

When you come to think about it, we, as humans go through life in pursuit of happiness. We want complete control and zero worry. We want to be free to give.

For most people, I’m willing to bet that doesn’t include getting on + sharing their life on Facebook.

It would probably mean the freedom to travel, time to spend with family/friends, giving to charity, playing an instrument, pursuing a hobby, helping others and supporting the world.

This is a freedom beyond the mundane happiness you get from spending a few hours a day on Facebook.

You can quote me (on fb, if you must) on that last humble sentence.

My approach to Facebook has let me experience this kind of freedom.

It’s a 4-step process where I’ll tap into existing active fan pages and give them what they want. In exchange, I’ll get rewarded financially. It’s a true business, a true exchange of value.

Sounds a bit vague if you’ve not seen my process before…

but TOMORROW, 14th August, at 2pm Eastern (new york time) which is 7pm UK time, I’ll be walking you through exactly what I do. It’s the last time I’ll do this presentation live in 2013.

You can register here:

This is where I’ll share how I turned Facebook on its head and do the exact opposite of what everyone else does.

There’s no getting away from Facebook. So you might as well learn how to use it properly, turn it into regular income, and seek the true freedom.

See you on the webinar. You can invite your friends to join as well. Just send them this link:

Rant over.

Yours truly,

Kavit Haria

P.S. The webinar will not be recorded. This is some mind-blowingly simple stuff that could have a massive impact on your life. You’ve got to be there.

If you have registered but will not be making it, please could you email me? I’ll take you off the list and we can make space for someone else.

Thanks for understanding.

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