Sep 14

A website isn’t a business


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Spoke to a guy in Nevada yesterday on a strategy
call and here’s the gist of what he said to me:

Been trying to make my business work online,
got landing pages, paid for SEO, doing FB ads,
writing copy, following guru advice, still not
making any money. Where am I going wrong?

I hear this kind of thing every single day.

People see an exciting strategy or tactic and
they want to go make it happen, believing that
if they use it, they will:

* get more leads
* get more sales
* make more money

It’s totally wrong – and never works.

Instead follow this approach:

1) Figure out what real value you’re providing
in your business.

2) To who are you actually providing this
value too.

3) How are you delivering your value?

4) And at what price are you selling?

Wannabe successful business owners cannot
answer these four questions without hesitating.

If you can’t answer these questions with the
utmost clarity, you have no chance of selling.

No chance of raising your profile.
No chance of increasing your website visibility.
No chance of raising your fees, charging thousands.
No chance of getting new sales.

These are the fundamentals. Nail them and
the rest is easy.

As a business strategist, I can help you get
clear on all of this – and then guide you to building
an Automated Selling System that works to
get leads + sales for you non-stop, every week.

A few strategy call slots are available this week.

Speak to you soon,

Kavit Haria