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Meet our founder, Kavit Haria

Kavit-web Kavit Haria is an entrepreneur grounded in the age-old marketing principles and using the latest technology advances to help small businesses thrive online.

In addition to running his own successful internet companies, Kavit has worked with clients of all sizes in pretty much every industry, getting results in some of the most competitive online niches online.

He is often called to speak at conferences, teaching web marketing, lead generation + selling systems.

Kavit teaching his strategies for e-book publishing and social media marketing in Sydney, Australia

Kavit teaching his strategies for e-book publishing and social media marketing in Sydney, Australia

He has worked hands on with the most sophisticated online brands in many industries:

  • In business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B).
  • In almost every major industry online
  • Of many sizes: from well-funded start-ups to small business to medium sized corporations
  • Selling physical goods, digital information, downloadable product, services, software, and information.

Kavit’s biggest asset is in making complex technology and business building activities dead-simple to understand and master.

A journey that began over 9 years ago…

Kavit’s journey with internet entrepreneurship began in 2005 with his first business, InsiderMusicBusiness.com.

As a tabla player, Kavit went through the ups and downs of the typical struggling musicians life. For years he faced struggle to find opportunities to perform, create a band, record, gig and tour.

Not only was this an outer battle, it was an inner battle too. Struggling with self-confidence and a lack of marketing know-how, things never looked up.

One day in April 2003, he found Bob through Google. Bob provided advice to musicians on building their careers and getting exposure. Kavit bought an e-book from Bob for $9 and read everything about getting gigs. He took his advice and applied it immediately.

Sometimes it’s just one piece of advice that usually turns the light on, isn’t it.

Fast-forward and within the next 18 months, Kavit formulated his ideas for his music, he carved out his genre, found musicians, formed a band and began performing in pubs, clubs, arenas around the UK.

He took his career from no-where to performing 2-4 gigs each week for a period of 8 months… even recording 3 albums with bands and getting paid well. Soon enough, he even attracted stellar performances with people like Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, Donovan, and others.

Kavit with Jimmy Page - having a bite to eat at the Royal Albert Hall canteen before the main performance.

Kavit with Jimmy Page – having a bite to eat at the Royal Albert Hall canteen before the main performance.

By this time, not only had he changed his outlook entirely, his musicians friends wanted to know how he was doing this so they could emulate the same in their career. He began with coffee shop chats and talking about his tactics and strategies. As word grew, others he didn’t even know wanted to sit with him and buy him coffee.

Soon enough, he was spending more time drinking coffee and giving advice than actually practicing and gigging. He became known as ‘The Musicians Coach’ and started to charge for his time. £25 per hour and he was making more than he was gigging.

His passion, however, still lay in rehearsing and performing his art. But the money was tempting.

At the same time, one of Kavit’s friends, Mark Anastasi, was writing and publishing health related e-books and making a fortune with them online.

Following suit, Kavit learned everything he could about websites, hosting, writing sales copy, writing HTML/CSS code, graphic design and began to write his ideas on music promotion, getting music representation, selling CDs and getting more gigs.

The initial series of e-books published by Kavit


In May 2005, InsiderMusicBusiness.com began in it’s earliest version.

Kavit also offered a weekly e-mail newsletter called the ‘Musicians Development Newsletter’ and the rush of traffic and interest from forums and referrals grew his following to 10,000 subscribers in just 8 months. He knew he was onto something.

Finally he didn’t have to spend hours providing coaching, swapping time for money, and he could go back to focus on his music whilst developing these e-books and selling them online. The start of passive income.

Since 2005, and as Kavit continued to experiment, learn, stay abreast of the cutting trends in internet marketing and e-commerce, he continued to provide additional training via CDs, DVD courses, seminars, membership programs and courses to musicians.

InsiderMusicBusiness.com grew to a six and seven figure business. Kavit began to attract media in music magazines and radio.

In late 2007, as interest grew in his business methods and philosophies he was invited to speak at marketing and business conferences in the UK to talk to small business owners on how to build a low risk, high profit business on the web.

That brings us to today and the website you’re reading.

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