Jul 17

Advice on Kindle formatting


This is a reprint of an e-mail written by Kavit Haria to his community of Daily Tip subscribers.
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Last month, I rolled out a brand new program
called “Kindle Empire Kickstart” which was really
popular and all 10 spots I opened were snapped
up in short time.I offered the opportunity to have me research a
hot selling topic deeply, and then have my team
write your e-book, and publish + promote it to
the Amazon Kindle store. It would be the
kickstart to your kindle publishing passive
income empire.

Since the beginning of July, we have been working
hard to complete all these projects and I am so
excited by all the titles, topics, and enthusiasm.

Each of my customers will have a published book to
the Kindle within the next 12-15 days, published
and promoted, setting them on their way to 100
sales/month,or $400-700 in sales commission per

Might not be much for a monthly income on its own.
But considering that I also gave complete bonus
access to my “E-book Publishing Profits” course
which sells at $997 a pop, my clients have been
self-studying the entire process and will begin
to release book after book on their own.

So, when they launch a book a month, in 12 months
they are quite likely looking at $500 per month
x 12(or $6,000/mo)in passive income.
Not bad, right?

Especially knowing that when they keep working
their publishing machine, they can only keep
increasing those numbers.

That’s what I’ve been doing ever since I got
started with this amazing game, myself.

Anyway, I’m actually sitting here
looking through a book draft I’ve just for
back from my writer for one of my clients –
and I wanted to share a few tips for you,
in regards to formatting your Kindle book:

1. Keep to simple and common fonts, retaining
similar styles throughout the book. If you
don’t, your book will appear amateurish and
this will affect sales.

2. Use the “insert page break” feature in your
word processing program to split up the end of
sections or chapters. Makes it easier on the eye
when reading your book on the kindle.

3. Don’t reference page numbers in your writing.
The Kindle format doesn’t follow the same page
numbers as it is designed to fit whatever screen
your reader uses.

That’s just three things I look for from a complete
formatting list of 10,before I approve the book
ready to publish.

Now for some good news…

If you missed out on this opportunity last month,
and are interested in having me help you kickstart
your Kindle empire, then pay attention.

Kindle presents you and I with the greatest passive
income opportunity in today’s world. With very little
regular work, and a simple system to follow, you can
develop book after book to start producing an income

And I’ll help you by taking care of the first one for
you. Then you can have all the details of the team I
use – to use them yourself to build your empire.

I’ll come up with a book idea and research it to make
sure it sells. You don’t have to even have your own idea.

I’ll create the book outline, and get one of my
writers started right away.

I’ll review the draft, show it to you, and convert
it to the right kindle format before publishing.

Then we’ll promote it by creating a series of
articles, a simple video, and posting a press
release for you.

Plus a whole lot more in guidance + support when
it comes to building your own kindle empire.

In 6 days, that’s next Monday 22nd July… I’m going
to be re-opening this opportunity for another 10

I can only handle 10 at a time. This will quite
likely be the last time we offer this until the
end of the year.

The investment is $1,997 which is a drop in the
ocean for the returns you’ll be able to produce.

Remember you’re having me and my entire team do
this for you, getting you started on your online
income journey.

If you’re keen not to miss this opportunity and
do not want to lose out on a spot, email me to
let me know. To give everyone on my list a fair
chance, you’ll be able to sign up only when we
open next Monday 22nd.

If you have questions, now is the time to ask + get
them answered, so you can make a decision before
Monday and be sure not to miss out on a spot.
Reply to this email with any questions you have.

Talk to you soon,

Kavit Haria