Jul 03

Best place to advertise online


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I get asked this question a lot, from subscribers
and clients – and teach I even teach the topic
extensively at my workshops:

“What’s the best place to advertise online, Kavit?”

You could start with pay-per-click, google
adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even banner
or text ads. What about media buying. How
about sponsored ads or email ads.

Online advertising can be a confusing world.
It’s not your fault you don’t know where to begin…

So, in my latest video episode, I give you my answer.

I’ll tell you exactly how to decide whether to advertise – and how to get started.


It’s episode #38, part of my web show, and
completely free to you as a valued subscriber.

All I ask is that if you like the content I share
on the video – please go ahead and share
it with your friends or on the social networks.


Kavit Haria