Jul 02

What’s the best place to advertise online?


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This week I have a question from Hal, who runs a website called speed-reading 101 to work, he asks:

Specifically where is the #1 online site for my company to advertise?

For advertising you only want to spend your money for advertising where people in your target area are going to be. If you have people that are a specific group say for instance musicians, where would I go to sell advertising to musicians? I would go to buy advertising for my website for musicians, only where the musicians hang out themselves. If a musician is on Facebook, then I might buy specific ads on Facebook for musicians.

If my target is musicians, but I am on speed-reading 101 for work for example then, I am not going to buys advertising on Hal’s website because it’s not my target market. It really is a basic simple concept. I share this because a lot people make this mistake, they will go out there and buy ads on these networks where, somebody says “put your ad here and you will have 20,000 people watch”, but are those 20,000 people interested in what you are doing? Are they your prospects because if they are not you shouldn’t be advertising there it is pretty simple right? It’s straight forward, don’t make that mistake.

Here’s where you should advertise, the first thing you should do is go to Google and look for other sites that are reading the same topics that you are, but have huge numbers of viewers. How do you look at that? Well, if you go to a website and you’ll see at the bottom they might have a link to do an advertise or some information, and if you click that link and it is a site where you can advertise like a directory or community website, then they will also give you statistics of how many people are viewing it, and at least you know that half a million to a million viewers a month is a good number to be at a site where they are advertising, cause then you can do put some banners on their website and pay for that every month but you would get a lot of people to click on it and come back to your website.

But of course the safest bet in my opinion is to do pay-per click advertising, where the money you put in is only spent when someone clicks to actually come to your website, and isn’t it very likely that the person that sees the ad, clicks the ad that comes to your website is somebody that is interested in what you’re doing? Pay-per click advertising is probably your safest bet, everybody should do it, whether you are a service business  or a product business. If you have a website you should do it, because you can specifically tailor and target the people that need your services, that need your products, and if you do that and if you choose their interests, you will get a lot of people that will be able to click on those ads and come and you only pay when they click, so it’s the safest bet in my opinion.

But of course you can go to massive websites, I have done this before I have found music websites that have a million, two-million, five million viewer every month and paid 300-500 dollars for a little banner to appear on their site, and every single time the banner appears, and people visit and they see the banner and I pay for it to be at the top of their site. People will click on the banner and come to my website, and I will get leads, I’ll inquiries, I’ll get sales and hopefully the sales will be a better return over the investment that I have done.

So there is my answer if you want to advertise, first of all make sure you are targeting the people you are needing to advertise, the people that actually that  need your products and services and to start off, you only want to banner ads if you know your conversions. If you don’t know how well your website is converting and how much sales you are getting from it. Then the best bet is to test and use pay-per click advertising with Google, Facebook, Yahoo or MSN and if they work for you well you can go do bigger media buys, banners and stuff like that.

That’s all for now I hope you enjoyed this, I hope it has given an answer to your question. If anyone has questions please feel free to put in below and I will look forward to answering them for you in episodes.

That’s all for now, speak to you soon.