Sep 12

Three things I learned from starting a band that I applied to my business

What do starting a band and starting a business have in common? This sounds like the start to a riddle, but it isn’t. Over the last several years, I’ve grown a successful business by teaching online and in-person guitar lessons. I handle the accounting, marketing, promotion, and communication, as... Continue reading
Aug 08

How to DIY your social media presence

Social media seems easy – you create a free profile, share out some content, and watch the followers flock to you. But typically, it’s not this simple. For entrepreneurs and business professionals, creating and nurturing a high-quality social media presence is crucial. When social media first entered the scene,... Continue reading
Aug 01

How to establish yourself as a respected authority online in your industry

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s absolutely crucial to have a presence online. Everyone, from plumbers to insurance companies to the largest companies in the world, has expanded their digital presence to not just include a website, but also social media profiles, blogs, whitepapers, and video content. But... Continue reading