Feb 15

A New Way to Brand Your Business


As the way business is done changes, so to is the way business is marketed and exposed to the market. Online business is being cemented as relationship-based business. There is no space for anyone trying to make a quick buck, and if one succeeds in that way, they will surely not last long.

If you’re interested in building your lifestyle business online, one where you can work as much or as little as you want while fuelling your own personal interests, desires and passion, then you need to focus on the new, profitable way of branding your business.

No longer is your logo as important as it once was. No longer is your registered company or corporation name as important as it once was. Building a business with large sales revenue requires trust between you, the vendor, and your buyer, the client. Trust is crucial. It doesn’t happen overnight. Overnight trust is said to also break overnight.

As small business owners, we need to understand that trust is a human emotion. Don’t get me wrong – professionalism is important so you still need good design and identity, but what’s more important is your human interaction.  Branding is now more human than ever before. Watch this episode to find out my thoughts, and follow the guidelines I’ve laid out to develop your own platform for success.

QUESTION: what does branding mean to you? Leave your comment below!