Feb 11

Build it and will they come? The art of testing before you launch


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Hi, I’m Kavit Haria welcome to InsiderInternetSuccess.com

I have a question for you, if you build will they come? And you know a lot of businesses go into this idea of creating this new product, new service. They want to innovate by creating this new idea and product and service because they believe that somebody needs this. So, instead of doing anything they go ahead and build this service, they go ahead and build a website, build a product and then they hope that somebody is going to come to them.

Instead I offer a different approach, which is find a handful of people right, to show and if you show them will they pay? That’s the question, if you show them will they pay? So instead find a group of people,not everybody not the masses just a group of people in your market to basically test, research and develop and maybe give you a feedback on that thing, on that product and service because if you show them your products and service and you have some people buying it, then it’s quite likely that you can take that prototype and you can blow it up and build it into something really good. You can put a lot of money into marketing and you can start seeing some better results.

So instead of asking if they build it will the come? Let’s ask if you show they will they pay? Because if the answer to that is yes and they do pay for the prototype or the sample or the starting up of the product and service then you’re going to get a lot of success if you can blow that up and do a lot more marketing. But if you can’t get even them to pay and say to the initial thing there’s no point in putting all your time and energy and resources to build it.

It sounds so simple but a lot of people make this mistake that I am sharing this on this video for that very reason, and I hope that you take this lesson and you never have to make this mistake again. I’ve been there and made this mistake so many times just spent months working on books trying to sell them and nobody ever bought, and we never ever want to go down that route ever again, we want to make sure that people are actually be willing to pay for our stuff before we actually go out there and put a lot more energy and time and resource into it.

So, my two cents on that little topic I think is such an important lesson for any business owner, and I hope you found it valuable as well.

So, feel free to share in the comments any thoughts you have about this, any experiences you’ve had basically about you know trying something and it’s not worked and why that might be and I look forward to catching up with you very soon.

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