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Here's What Our Clients Have Been Able To Achieve

Tom Colney, UK

"Within three months, I was selling £14,000 worth of content packages each month, and I had doubled that in another six months. I am now in month nine of this process, and we are producing £45,000 in sales revenue each month. Remember, most of this is profit because apart from paying my writers and general upkeep of the website, I have no overheads, no office, no fixed staff and no other costs. I run this entire business from my laptop, which still blows my mind about how amazing this opportunity is."

Joe D, New Zealand

“One year on from this process, I generated $150,000 from my new and improved website, as well as the marketing automation work that was setup. My wife handed in her resignation and has now left her job."

Florence West, USA

"Over 12 months, I built an e-mail newsletter with 8,000 subscribers that I now write to once a week. I know I could automate this, but I actually enjoy writing the e-mails and this is something I look forward to every week. From the initial product, as well as my upsells and high-end coaching, I had generated $145,000 in year one revenue."


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