How to convert your website visitors into new enquiries and leads

If you have a website that’s getting a steady stream of visitors to your website but you’re struggling to turn that into real enquiries and new sales, you’re in the right place.

Kavit-webMy name is Kavit Haria, and I created Insider Internet Success with one goal in mind – to help you, the small business owner, create effective marketing and monumental sales using your website.

On this page, I’ve collected our best blog posts, video episodes and guides to help you convert more of your website visitors into new enquiries and leads.

Your website is the virtual real estate of your business. It’s your hub for attracting targeted prospects that will be interested to pay for your product or service.

First you need to understand the process by which a visitor turns into a customer. For your target audience to do business with you, they need to enter a three stage process known as “Know, Like, Trust” (KLT, for short).

Once a visitor comes to your website, the first goal is for them to come to “know” about you, your work, your services and your ethos behind delivering a powerful service to your industry.

Through the free informational and educational resources you provide on your website, the visitor moves to stage two and they begin to resonate with and “like” your work.

As they continue to engage with your articles, videos, e-books, webinars, and other content resources, your websites will apply the information to their lives and begin to “trust” you and your work.

The more trust you develop with your visitor, the more likely it is that any offer you put in front of them will elicit a new enquiry and red-hot lead.

Prospects may come to “know” about many of your competitors, but they will only come to “like” a few and “trust” the rare one or two.


Provide high-quality, content-rich information that compels your website visitor to trust you

The first step is to turn your website into an authority on your subject matter. Set up your blog to provide high-quality, fresh, content-rich educational information that answers your prospect’s burning questions and begins to help them solve their initial problems.

One big mistake that most business owner’s make when starting out with creating content for their website is that they write about everything. Not keeping your content specific actually has the reverse affect and harms your website’s search engine rankings.

Dive narrow and deep: serve the specialists. In video episode #52, I talk about the concept of serving the specialists. Watch this short tip to get clarity on your own website content.

Your blog can also become your greatest marketing asset if used correctly. Many businesses today have relied on their consistent commitment to blogging to turn them into household names within their industry. In video episode #29, I introduce the new, profitable way of branding your business.

Video episode #19 outlines the three steps to effective blogging:

If you are setting up a blog from scratch for the first time, I wrote a lengthy guide with image narration to show you how to be successful right from the start. Click the link below to read the entire guide:

The business owner’s guide to setting up your blog from scratch

The secret is to put on your “content marketer” hat. In video episode #27, I talk to you about the 6 steps you must take to become prolific as a content marketer:

How to delight your customers and create raving fans

As you start to write and produce new content for your website on a regular basis, you’ll start to engage your visitors through social media and sharing. Your authority and expertise begins to shine on your specific subject matter and a community of avid followers will begin to sprout.

Kevin Kelly once shared that any business that could grow a community of 1,000 raving fans will be set for it’s entire existence. In my first ever video episode titled, “How to create raving fans”, I talked about this concept.

As you reach the stages of “like” and “trust” with your website visitor, you’ll want to learn how to delight your customers so you can make more money. Video episode #9 talks about this:

Capture enquiries in real-time on your website

The more content you create, the more opportunity you will have for people to find you on the search engines. With hundreds – and maybe thousands of new visitors finding your website on a daily basis, you must provide every opportunity for capturing information from new enquiries and leads.

Imagine attracting guests to your home but you leave them on the doorstep and don’t say those golden words, “Welcome, come on in…” That’s what happens when you have a wonderful website with poor “lead capture” mechanisms. In video episode #16, we go back-to-basics and discuss the all-important mechanism for capturing your red-hot leads:

Requesting your visitor’s name + email address via a web form and in exchange for a free report, free video or free white paper is a great way to begin. In video episode #33, I talk about how to convert your website visitors into e-mail subscribers:

As you continue to build your business, perhaps you will offer a greater in-depth “lead capture” form that provides more support for the prospect.

For example, at Insider Internet Success, we offer a Free Digital Marketing Audit that invites you to have a personalized consultation with our consultants to talk about how you can convert more of your website visitors into enquiries and leads. You’re invited to take advantage while this offer is still free.

Go one step further and create a specific landing page that’s designed with one goal in mind – to capture the name and e-mail address of your visitor. I love using the service to design high-converting landing pages and I shared my 7 must-have conversion elements for any landing page in video episode #34:

More smart tips you won’t want to miss

Personalized advice to convert more of
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