Jul 29

Create a Business System That Takes Just TWO Hours of Your Time a Day.


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Hi, I’m Kavit Haria, welcome to InsiderInternetSuccess.com

How do you create a business system that you can run in just two hours per day?

So, that means you have the right product, the right service, the right system, people are coming to your website and you’re servicing them and you’re managing and monitoring this in just two hours per day.

Now, I don’t think that if you were going to really rapidly grow your business you could that in just two hours a day. I think you would need more than that but say there were times in the year where you just couldn’t put that time to grow your business, you just wanted to invest that time doing something else completely different. And you still wanted your business to run and grow at the same time or still keep it steady at the same time at least.

The most important thing is that you have a really good offer the first things. If you have a really good offer that matches a specific need half of your work is actually done because the moment that you put these people in front of the offer they’re going say yes it’s a perfect match, you’re going to get the sales. Then you need to automate everything else around your business the payments, the email sequences, the logistics, the delivery, the service, the customer service, every single thing that you can automate. The social media updates, every single thing you can automate you need to automate them.

Automation is huge if you’re going to build a lifestyle business that you can manage and run in two hours per day. One of the services that we offer is we build for people who have ideas or business and ABS an Automated Business System. It’s a huge service, it takes us 4-5 weeks to build a complete business from scratch, that we basically automate in its entirety, giving it to the customer to say here’s the manual, here’s how you use it, here’s our mentoring for 12 months to build traffic for your business . And also at the same time here is the method for monitoring and managing this on a regular basis and here’s what you need to look out for. But you can do that if you have a product that matches a specific need that’s really important and you have everything else automated.

These are the two biggest criteria and then you can have a business where you can basically essentially manage in two hours per day.

So, I hope that’s been useful, I hope you found that really valuable giving you a bit of insight into what you need to do next and I look forward to catching up with you soon, all the best, bye.