Success Story: How Dave and Tina built a 7-figure business talking about raw food!

Success Story

How Dave and Tina built a 7-figure business talking about raw food!

raw-foodTell us why you wanted to start an online business?

I’ve had a great corporate career for the last 25 years, and I’ve easily earned $250,000 per annum, working in the best of New York City, but for the last few years, I’ve begun to feel really trapped. I look back on my life and I feel like although I’ve done well and been able to live pretty comfortably, I feel stuck, not able to grow and therefore not fulfilled.

I felt more and more drained, and less energetic and happy as weeks went by. My wife, Tina, and I had everything we wanted, but how I had become was affecting our relationship and, one day, it suddenly felt like we were strangers to each other.

That was my turning point, when I realised that instead of talking about it, I had to do something to change my life. The first step was to leave my job, which I did immediately. It was a tough decision, but we had enough savings to keep us afloat for a while before we had to start looking around for new work.

Our relationship started to get better, and my health improved drastically. When I researching, I came across the idea of an online business and I was immediately drawn by the potential of being able to use my laptop just to earn money.

How did you hear about Kavit Haria and the Automated Business System program?

Tina told me she was already interested in online marketing and had been following some discussions about how to start an online business, and one of the newsletters she was signed up to was Kavit’s.

She forwarded me some of the emails Kavit sent, and I liked his style and started to look forward to reading his emails and blog posts every day. In September 2012, we got in touch with Kavit, discussed our vision for having an online business and whether he could help us with implementation and launch.

What was the entire process like?

It didn’t take us long to decide that the Automated Business System sounded like the perfect program for us. Having someone guide us with our ideas, implement most of the technical work for us, and help us market our newly launched business sounded like what we needed to make this work.

In the initial consultation, we talked business ideas and did all the research required to validate, test and decide on a profitable idea. Both Tina and I decided to work on this project together as we are passionate about raw food. We had read a lot about this concept and had developed a good understanding about how raw food works with your body, and how it helps you both physically and psychologically.

Kavit helped us draw up a business model that involved marketing and sales processes we could automate to sell new products they would develop. We talked about a complete series of products, including eBooks, video courses, meal plans and even raw food retreats.

As I was jumping into this full-time, I was initially very protective and didn’t want to let my baby go, so-to-speak. But Kavit and his team kept me in the loop throughout the next six weeks as they helped build and launch our business on the web.

Don, the sales copywriter, guided us through the process of creating preliminary materials, which we turned into a final product that sold for $99. Don wrote the sales copy for our website, landing pages, sales pages, order confirmation, as well as the email follow-up sequence. Everything was designed really beautifully too.

Francis, the designer, created a series of fantastic reports and guides. Nidhi, the web developer, turned our vision into an eye-catching website, reflecting what we wanted to achieve and a blog for us to grow our marketing strategy. All the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work was also taken care of so the website would rank well in Google searches.

Kavit came in to bring everything together and automate all the processes including the payment mechanisms, auto-responders and shopping cart. By the end of 6 weeks, we had a fully functional website launched on the web. I think this whole process has saved us over 100 hours of learning, planning, executing and implementing and has been well-worth it.

Kavit personally spent time to help us draw up an online marketing plan, and provided us with the training to learn new tactics and implement them in our business. We worked together for a full 12 months, checking in on the phone twice a month, and more regularly by email.

How has the Automated Business System affected your life?

As I’m writing this, it is two years since we started this journey. I have to admit I was hesitant to begin with, but doing this has been one of my greatest joys. Not only have we made some really good money, we’ve also enjoyed the entire experience, working together on our business, travelling and feeling a lot more growth and creativity in our lives.

In the first year, we made $225,000 in sales, and 80% was profit as we focused on selling our downloadable products. Using leverage and scale, we also created more products and launched a 7-day retreat for 12 people. We also launched an online coaching course at $399 per person. Our business continued to grow so we have even hired one full-time assistant. At this point, we’ve passed the million-dollar mark. We have achieved $1,130,000 in sales.

The process has changed our lives completely and we couldn’t be happier.

Your Next Step:

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