Success Story: Selling fences makes £155,000 just from the internet

Success Story

How Don took his fencing business online and made £155,000 in year one revenue

fencing-businessTell us why you wanted to start an online business?

I run a small business selling garden fence panels in Yorkshire, UK. We sell them in a variety of materials and finishes, at various prices ranging from budget to luxury.

We also offer a complete installation service so my business is localised. Every year I spend a lot of money advertising in directories such as the Yellow Pages as well as about 10 local newspapers and magazines. We also distribute about 25,000 leaflets each month within our target areas. People call our office and a small sales team deals with orders.

I saw a lot of businesses going online and I wondered how I could achieve the same, especially as people are constantly searching online before they enquire and purchase. I realised I could be losing a lot of money but also that I could be making way more.

How did you hear about Kavit Haria and the Automated Business System program?

When I was serious about growing the business online, I spoke to a friend who was quite savvy about the internet, and he recommended Kavit and the Automated Business System program.

I contacted Kavit in July and he took the time to explore my goals and help me formulate a plan to grow my business online.

Kavit also taught me a lot about automating my marketing and sales processes, which I never knew was possible, and I was really blown away. All I knew was that I wanted to find clients on the web, I wanted to increase my conversion rate, and if I could have more time off, I’d be a lot happier.

What was the entire process like?

As soon as I invested in the program, Kavit and his team began working right away. Within 6 weeks, I had a new website which displayed my fences, our various offers, and a process for new enquiries to complete a form, request a telephone call, and a list of all the questions customers needed answered.

Kavit’s team also built specialised landing pages for free report and coupon distribution, which brought in a strong supply of regular fresh leads.

Kavit helped my sales team improve their telephone sales scripts, and so far we have increased phone conversion rates by 15%. Although I was busy in my day-to-day work and couldn’t always stay in the loop, I was connected to all the e-mails and could see that progress was being made throughout the whole 6 weeks. Kavit then worked with me to draw up a marketing plan, and we started to use local online advertising to drive a lot of traffic and leads to our website, which helped us with new enquiries.

How has the Automated Business System affected your life?

Although we still run our offline business, our online business has driven a lot of new enquiries, and we are learning to close the sale better.

Our average sale is £950 and just by improving our script – thanks to Kavit – that’s an additional £14,250 in sales each month… which has already paid for ABS service very easily. So far we have generated about £155,000 in sales in the last 8 months.

I’ve also employed a new business manager just to work on the website and our online marketing, which has given me a lot more time off – something I haven’t properly had in years.

Your Next Step:

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