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Small Business Owners – Your Business Is About To Experience A Radical Influx Of High Quality Leads. Ready or not, you’re about to discover the secret to the high Google ranking and powerful organic traffic that you’ve always dreamed of …

The Ultimate
Automatic Traffic System

A Hands-FREE Highly Targeted
Traffic Generating System

Exclusively for eCommerce Businesses

DOMINATE Your Market Without Lifting A Finger


If you’re ready to kick your traffic into high gear you’ll be so glad to have found this message here today. eCommerce businesses like yours require ONE KEY THING to experience massive sales and income growth.


Yes, lead generation is THE KEY to getting where you want your business to go.

And no that doesn’t mean that you can get any old leads. You need good, interested, appropriate leads that are pre-qualified by the ads or copy that got them to your website in the first place.

Yes, you’ll still have challenges. The most successful businesses in the world face challenges every day. But they’re all so much easier to solve when you have a steady stream of new business supporting your growth.

What you need is an AUTOMATIC lead generation system that allows you to continue to focus on service and adjusting to your new growth, while the leads continue to automatically pour in.

But …

Lead generation can be expensive, confusing, and far too time consuming for most small business owners to tackle. If you’re like many of the small business owners we meet with you’ve probably tried some good old fashioned SEO content strategies and fallen short because it simply requires too much of YOU to get done.

After all, your focus is on client service, not on building out and impalementing a complicated and involved content strategy to improve your search engine rankings and drive traffic to your website.


“Kavit has and continues to achieve great success and you can see why – it’s all so simple, yet so incredibly effective! Brilliant!”


Most people in your shoes hire this task out to “experts.” While I won’t waste any time trashing my competitors (because there really are some smart quality traffic experts out there), so many people have been burned.

You haven’t gotten results quickly enough or you’ve paid too much and gotten too little.

What’s important for you to realize though is that a good content marketing strategy won’t just mean steady growth. It will mean that you won’t ever be subject to a “Google slap”. You’ll never have your PPC prices shoot up to $10 per click or have your page rankings tank.

Here’s How I Discovered That Content Marketing Is
The Most Powerful and Effective Type of Marketing You Can Engage in

To Grow Your Business F-A-S-T

Content marketing started for me while growing my very first business more than 7 years ago.  I actually wasn’t even supposed to be IN business.  I was supposed to be a scientist as my parents had spent good money on my genetics courses at university.

Anyway, my business was called Insider Music Business.  I created it from scratch to sell marketing education to musicians.  The focus of that business was to teach musicians how to create content online, syndicate their music, get more exposure and get more gigs.

By doing the things that we now offer to entrepreneurs like you, I very quickly built a list of 20,000 musicians within 1.5 years. 

I didn’t do any advertising.

I simply shared very good content on our blog that people wanted to consume.  And as a result the blog became very popular and got a lot of sales.

In fact, the business hit $1 Million in revenue in the third year and continued thereafter to grow.

Since then I’ve gone on to speak at conferences in the UK and Australia. I consult businesses around the world on their content marketing, strategy, and lead generation online. I’ve also hosted my own workshops in New York, Sydney and the UK.

What I learned from that first business experience is that a strong content marketing strategy is the holy grail of quality leads. We were able to grow Insider Music so quickly and effectively through content marketing because its very authentic.

Content marketing is about giving high quality information for free.  The result is that your information becomes trusted, relied on, and highly valued.

Then people connect the dots … if your free stuff is that good, the information and services you charge for must be amazing.  The magic that takes place in your prospects mind when they make that connection (which happens automatically when you give them high quality content) results in steady and exciting business growth.

I haven’t just done it once, with Insider Music.  I’ve seen this play out dozens and dozens of times with my own private clients.  It works every time.

The good news is that I’m going to show you how
you can grow your business this way without lifting a finger!

Please understand that I have no interest in making false, pie in the sky claims about what we help our clients accomplish.  I know I’ve just said “without lifting a finger,” but you will have to serve your clients when you get them.  And you will have to close sales to get those clients.

But we’ve finally made getting hoards of the right eyeballs on your website easy for businesses like yours.

We call our solution the Content Traffic System.  I sort of think that it should be called the Content Magic System, but I suppose traffic is more descriptive.

I created the Content Traffic System because I learned the hard way that I needed it to survive …

Before I discovered how effective content marketing is, my business would often dry up because I had no system for generating traffic or leads.

I would only get new leads when I actually went out and did some active promotion.  It always involved me doing something – whether that was speaking on stage, visiting exhibitions, writing on Facebook, etc.

It was a method for total failure.

200% Sales & Profit Increase!

“I was able to increase the sales and profits for this business by over 200% online just by utilising these strategies and then began helping other people to do the same.

I have now left my job and and set up my own online marketing consultancy business. Everything I learnt from Kavit forms part of my unique tried and tested framework which I use to help many of my clients unlock online profits in their business.

Kavit’s knowledge, coaching and training style has had a positive impact on the growth of my business. I am fulfilling my dream of running my own business. This has enabled the flexible lifestyle I dreamed of and hence has given me more money and more purpose, and more quality time to spend with my children and family..

So, if given the opportunity, I would highly recommend you work with Kavit and take action on his recommendations.”



My business was reliant on my lifting my finger each month.  The day I realized this, I set out to design a system that would drive new and consistent leads to me in a way that would be totally fail proof against any obstacle.

And that’s what our service offers you in a completely ‘done for you’ fashion.

The #1 question we always get asked is, how do I get my website to the top of Google?

In short, it’s about two things:

1. The more relevant your content is, the higher your website will rank
2. The more popularity your content has, the higher your website will rank

If you could get your website to the top of the Google rankings – and maintain your position – you’re going to find hundreds and thousands of new visitors to your website on a monthly basis.

And that’s exactly what we help you do with the CONTENT TRAFFIC SYSTEM.

I’ve personally spent years perfecting this system and building out my team of experts who are truly brilliant at implementing each step perfectly.

We are traffic experts.  “Experts” even seems to be too dim of a word to explain our deep and thorough knowledge of all the traffic generating sources and strategies available.

We’ve studied, implemented, tested, failed, started over, succeeded, been kicked off balance by Google, and started over more times than I can count.  It’s been expensive.  It’s been exhausting.  And as it would be for any business owner, it’s been emotionally draining.

But boy are we in a different place now.  The Content Traffic System that we’ve spent all these years perfecting is now impervious and unsusceptible to the Google slap.  Google simply can’t touch it because it’s genuine.  It’s the very definition of authentic.

In fact, Google likes it.

The Content Traffic System
That You Can Now Put Into Place For Your Business
Is What Google Wants!

And here’s the best part …

It’s a completely done-for-you service.

Yes, it’s done-for-you.  In fact, we don’t take on any clients who want it done any other way.  We’re strict about doing it all because a) we want it done right, and b) we know our small business owner clients are wearing too many hats to take on parts of the responsibility of implementing our strategy.

What’s great about that for you is that I’ve created and cultivated a team of worldclass writers (some of whom have been with me since the boom of Insider Music).  They create the content that will drive business to you.

You won’t lift a finger for a boatload MORE traffic than you’re getting right now.  And I’ll tell you in a minute about our two services that are both very affordable that do this for you, hands free.

Just imagine how exciting it will be to focus your energies on building a team, investing in equipment or software, or expanding your offerings.

Just imagine how it will be to reach your sales and income goals FASTER than you thought possible while none of your internal resources are forced to manifest the leads to make that happen.

Your team would stay in tact, focused on their core competencies while we do the work of handing you possibly more leads than you can handle.

You’ll finally be in a position to make “what do I really want for my business” decisions because you’ll have the income to support whatever the answers are.

Why should you believe me?  Well, you shouldn’t – at least not blindly.  You should test out our services and see for yourself.  But I’ll tell you a little about myself anyway …

My name is Kavit Haria and I’m the CEO and founder of Insider Internet Success.  I’m known for being a tell-it-like-it-is, from the heart, online marketing and business mentor, speaker and blogger. I’ve been fortunate to speak to tens of thousands of people in audiences in the UK, Australia and America, and to over a hundred different countries through my webinars.

I Don’t Do Anything Without Kavit’s Stamp of Approval

“Before meeting Kavit, I was a newbie in the online marketing space. I had recently started my Ultimate Body Sculpting business and needed to get clients. Marketing online was a skill I knew I needed to master in order to be successful in the new business age.

I gained so much business insight from Kavit and if there’s anything I’d highlight it would be: ‘keep it simple and get it done’ I can honestly say that when it comes to social media, Kavit is ahead of the game. As a result, I’m on the forefront of his cutting edge strategies and I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Today, business is going exceptionally well. Ultimate Body Sculpting is going from strength to strength, growing month after month. I also have built various online income streams; something that seemed daunting in the past before working with Kavit.

Kavit makes it sound easy – and he shows you how to apply the strategies too. Personally, I don’t do anything without his stamp of approval as he has foresight and experience of knowing what will work and what won’t.”


Through my online training programs, our traffic + conversion services, over 20,000 subscribers on my newsletter, and a weekly video podcast called Insider Internet Success (also featured on iTunes) I feel grateful and honored to share my message and strategies with people around the world.

I have a strong philosophy that guides my work and motivates me every day …

I believe that the biggest change in the world can only be made by entrepreneurs. One entrepreneur succeeding in good business will impact hundreds or thousands of customers, their families, and the business’s staff and their families, all from one person’s dream.

My purpose is to help as many entrepreneurs utilize the internet, in the most effective way, to get their message across and transform thousands of lives.

Yes, I know that’s deep and perhaps a bit touchy feely, but it’s true.  I’m inspired by and honored to be among the entrepreneurs of today.  Now I’m thrilled to offer the Content Traffic System to entrepreneurs like you so you achieve the growth you’ve always wanted.

What You’ll Experience

When you enlist our Content Traffic System service for your business, you’ll experience a host of results very quickly.

By tweaking your website for higher conversions and presenting content-rich articles on your blog, you will begin to gain an authority status within your field as readers flock to read your material and build trust quickly with your products and services.

Our team will begin to build and manage a solid traffic getting campaign for you that drives and increases traffic to your website using good content that adds personality, humour and education to your business.

You’ll experience a new surge in visitors to your website and start building your enquiry list for your specific product or service.

Traffic will hit a new peak. Results come exponentially. 

You’ll begin to see them from your very first month.

And then expect them to snowball for you as you continue.

Here’s How Our Traffic System Works

Gone are the days when you could hide text on pages and rely on link building for ranking in Google.

Google is the king of searches – and if you can have your business at the top of the rankings for your most powerful key phrases you’ll drive traffic like you could never believe.

We see this happening every day.

It is well known in marketing circles that if you can understand Google and play by their rules consistently you shall win the game and drive hundreds or thousands of targeted visitors to your website each month.

So what we do is we use regular high-quality content blogging (we have a team of expert researches, copywriters and editors) along with SEO methods to ensure you remain strong and high in the Google rankings for your most powerful keyword phrases.

Using this proven and tested method for becoming a content leader you will not see a one-off spike but a constant steady flow of traffic.

Thanks Kavit

“Kavit has been a tremendous source of information, inspiration and support over the last 5 years during which I have grown my blog to almost 5,000 subscribers and created a dozen Kindle books, including 3 Amazon bestsellers.

He continues to inspire me with his personal support, innovative programmes and pearls of wisdom. Thanks Kavit!”


What We Do For You

Before opening your traffic source, we want to get you set up for soaking the maximum leads so we go the extra mile to do the following:

  • We’ll thoroughly research the top keywords for your business and make our selections. Then, before we start…
  • We’ll send you a full keyword report to show you where things stand at the beginning of our work together.
  • We’ll set you up with your blog (if you don’t have one) so we can begin creating quality content to establish you as the authority in your niche.
  • We set up your Google Analytics (if you haven’t done it already) so that we can measure the successes month after month

Then we unleash the traffic machine:

  • Our researches and writers produce 8 fresh and high content articles every month – published to your blog. Every article is written based on the main 3 keyword phrases you tell us at the start (if you’re not sure we’ll help you!).
  • We create and send you an exclusive VIP Content Traffic System e-newsletter once per month, for you to get even more traffic for your website.
  • Every month we look at the Analytics results and send you a beautiful report to show you the results, successes and plans for the following month.

Then every month we repeat this process continuing to build your new content and distribution as well as reviewing and building upon the results of the previous month.


And it works seamlessly.

Through this system, we’ve produced relevant content and created popularity by spreading your content far and wide.

And this is the same strategy I used to take Insider Music Business from scratch to over $1 Million in business in three years.  It’s the same strategy I’ve used to provide similar results for dozens and dozens of entrepreneurs like you (read some of their success stories throughout this letter).

You Have TWO Choices…

You can take advantage of our exclusive package that includes everything I’ve already described to you for just $399/month (or $1499/quarter) and you’ll get:

  • Google Analytics plug-in set-up if needed
  • Blog set-up if needed
  • Thorough keyword research and reporting at the start of the project
  • 8 POWERFUL, compelling articles written and published to your blog every month (complete with all the tags needed to get the right eyeballs to see it!)
  • Exclusive Monthly Newsletter
  • Detailed monthly reporting 

Or you can choose our Premium Social Package that includes everything I’ve listed in our Exclusive Package PLUS the social media you need to drive engagement and increase sales.

We’re offering this option because as you may already know, Social Media + GOOD Content equals the IDEAL CONTACT TRAFFIC SYSTEM to drive revenue for you.

Plus social media is the ideal place to develop a loyal community of prospects, increase your digital exposure, and expand your sales (you’ll even BOOST your traffic and search engine rankings – BONUS!).

The Premium Package is just $699/mth (or $2599/quarter) you’ll get everything that’s included in the Exclusive Package discussed in this letter so far, plus:

  • Facebook page management
  • Facebook fan growth
  • Daily Facebook posts – and remember, we’re content experts. We know how to write compelling copy that promotes engagement.

  • Building your Pin boards on Pinterest and adding good quality descriptions to drive traffic back to your website
  • Blend products into as many Pin boards as possible to increase your Pinterest presence so you show up in more searches
  • Grow followers
  • Establishing pollination and sharing

“My goal is to become the most prolific bookkeeper for creative and online business owners! I started my biz from the ground up after realising the traditional 9-5 job gives you no time freedom.

I love doing the tax work for busy business owners. The problem was I didn’t know how to get people to find me and I shy away from promoting myself. I spent almost a year trying everything from google Adwords, to Facebook ads and twitter ad. As well as newspaper ads and gumtree listings! Marketing was starting to takeover every waking hour! I created my biz to help others, but without enough clients I wouldn’t be able to sustain my biz or achieve my long-term dreams.

Thank God I found Kavit’s CTS! Now I no longer have to spend days worrying about if my ideal clients will find me. He creates all of the blogs and videos in a way that clearly explains my skills and attracts more potential clients. Thanks to CTS people are finding me now and I’m getting double the enquiries after just 3 months!

I’m happy to have everything taken care of by someone as genuine, experienced and dedicated as Kavit who is helping me serve more entrepreneurs! Having the marketing done for me is a huge relief. Thank you greatly.”
Ruth Noel


I no longer have to spend days worrying about if my ideal clients will find me.

There’s a lot of work that goes into driving traffic. If you have any experience already, you know what I mean.  As I’ve said, I’ve spent years building a powerful team around me – and my private clients have been able to take advantage of this.

If you’re looking for help to build more authority, drive more traffic, get more enquiries and increase your sales… then you’re ready to investigate the Content Traffic System.

Surprisingly Affordable Pricing…

We’ve structured our pricing packages to provide maximum bang for your buck.

A big corporation might outsource blog posting and SEO to completely different providers. And they would likely pay more for each service than you will for your entire content package.

But as a small business owner, you need something different: well-rounded, well-integrated content.

That’s why our packages include monthly blog content and SEO services. These are the content activities with the highest return on investment.

Could we charge more for these services? Absolutely!

In fact, if you were to hire an agency to handle your SEO…and another to publish your blog content…

…You would pay easily three times what we’ll charge you.

Even if you were to hire freelancers, you’d have a job finding folks who can match our prices. And assembling a team of freelancers who can do this work well requires time, money, and lots of patience. Plus, you’ll need heavy-duty quality control measures in place, or you’ll risk damaging your brand with shoddy, unprofessional content.

So take advantage of my team of traffic experts.

This is a team I’ve been building for years. We’re well-practiced, extremely efficient, and we operate virtually – so we get a lot done with low overhead costs.

Other companies lower costs by churning out ineffective, unpolished, and poorly written content (with no video) — and they often charge HIGHER fees than we do.

In contrast, we prioritize high quality content. And we rely on our deep experience and lean operation to provide cost savings that we can pass on to you.

We only work with businesses that we believe we can help. So, if you’re approved as a client, you can rest assured that our packages will get you where you wish to go.

The only variable is how fast you want to get there.

Our Guarantee

The Content Traffic System utilizes the methods I’ve developed over the last 10 years to build my company. I use these methods still – both in my business and on behalf of my clients.

So I’m extraordinarily confident that you’ll see good results.

And the Content Traffic System is backed by my 100%, full-satisfaction guarantee.

Try our service for a month. And if you’re not totally satisfied with your results, just let me know. I’ll refund every penny you paid – no questions asked.

If you choose to continue with us, you may cancel at any time. There are no contracts and no obligations.

Here’s What To Do Now:

The first step is to fill out the form below. As soon as you complete your details and hit the button, either myself or Nicole will be in touch to talk through the entire process and get you started immediately.

What Happens After The Consultation?

During the consultation, we’ll get started on your chosen plan (monthly or quarterly). Then Nicole will begin your project with your welcome information as well as a brief questionnaire which you must complete and send back to us immediately. This questionnaire (as well as our initial phone call) will help us to gain a deep understanding of your business and your target market. We will then get to work immediately and check in with you on a weekly basis and provide you a formal report each month.

We’re literally an email or phone call away all the time.

Let’s make 2015 your year to double or triple your business income!

Your partner in success,

Kavit Haria

P.S.  We do have a limit on the amount of clients we can serve each month.  In fact, you’ll soon discover that you’ll have periods where you’ll need to actually turn down some business to catch up and build your team out further so you can then grow some more.  If you know this service is for you, don’t wait.  Fill up the form above right away and make sure you’re on our schedule to have our team working to drive loads of traffic to your business THIS MONTH!

P.P.S.  As a reminder, the proof really is in the pudding.  Take another look at the success stories found throughout this letter.  The numbers don’t lie.  There is so much business waiting for you on the other side of hesitation.  I’ve removed the risk by offering to refund your first month if you’re not completely thrilled with the results you’re getting after 30 days.  Today’s your day!  Let’s do this!!!!