How to build a list of prospects and write powerful e-mail that engages, persuades and sells.

Master every marketer’s greatest asset.

How to build a list of prospects and write powerful e-mail that engages, persuades and sells.

In this on-demand webinar taught by Kavit Haria, you will discover:

  • How to set up your online business marketing list quickly and easily
  • How to attract visitors to subscribe to your email list (learning these proven methods could save you a lot of money)
  • How to write simple yet persuasive emails that are sure to get your e-mails opened…
  • How to write your e-mails to make your reader pop and purchase your offer.
  • Plus a whole lot more.

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If you had the opportunity to ask the most successful Internet entrepreneurs to strip down their businesses and tell you what the secret to their success is, every single one would tell you the same thing. They would tell you that focusing on building a list of prospects, and learning to write persuasive, compelling, engaging email that sells is what is responsible for the most sales in their business.

It’s been exactly the same for me – and having studied copywriting as well as becoming experienced in email by writing well over several thousand emails in the last 5 years, I’ve mastered the art, science and psychology when it comes to crafting the perfect, winning email.

In my “E-mail Millions” online course, you’ll learn how to build an e-mail list, studying over 10 different traffic generation strategies, as well as learning how to write e-mail that sells. You’ll learn 8 of my most popular strategies for writing subject lines and discover the best way to structure and send e-mail.

The “E-mail Millions” digital course is the perfect investment for you if…

  • You are interested in starting an online business, community or group around a specific interest you have, want to reach out to thousands of people in your target market, and want to understand the specific steps to building your list (technically, too) in the easiest way possible.
  • You are an active business owner (with your own products/services) and you understand the power of list and e-mail, but you want to learn how to write e-mail that progresses the prospect on his or her journey, leading to the first sale, repeat sale, and referrals.
  • You are a marketer that wants to build a passive income business. You want to learn how to sell multiple affiliate offers to a specific target market and generate commissions on a DAILY basis.

If you believe you know-it-all about e-mail marketing, writing persuasive e-mail and creating powerful, sassy copy, then forget this course. You won’t find any value and it won’t be a good fit.

What results will I experience if I invest in your “E-mail Millions” course?”

Anyone who studies the material within the “E-mail Millions” digital course will leave with a technical and strategic understanding of how to build an e-mail list, get started on the journey with at least 10 different lead generation tactics, and discover my step-by-step process for crafting e-mails.

You’ll learn the 8 different methods for writing subject lines that get e-mail opened. (If you don’t even manage to get the e-mail open, there’s no point in writing e-mail!). You’ll also understand how to structure e-mail. My solution and responses to the HTML vs Text e-mail debate, the length of e-mail, whether to personalize or not, plus a lot more.

In a nutshell, you’ll be equipped with the skills to convert your readers into customers, and be ahead of your competitors with a strategic and effective approach to using e-mail to make sales fast.


Here’s what you get when you order “E-mail Millions” now:

  • Four core training sessions available as video recordings for you to study teaching you the skills and techniques for mastering email and the art of crafting persuasive, engaging email.
  • Multiple formats: Get access to the training in MP3 format + PDF transcripts to suit your learning style and schedule best.
  • Bonus #1: 12 Best Emails Ever. I’ll give you a brand new report which shows my top 12 best e-mails ever with annotations of my thoughts explaining why these subject lines and body messages worked well and how much money they pulled in. You can model them in your own business.
  • Bonus #2: E-mail Critique Certificate. I’ll give you a $300 value certificate that will allow you to send me your e-mails every week for 4 weeks and I’ll give you a personal review of each one, critiquing and writing them as well as I can for you.
  • Bonus #3: Lifetime Updates. As I continue to add content, revise and update the material, I’ll give you complete access for the rest of your life to stay connected to our community and benefit from all the updates and relevant additions.
  • The “Insider Internet Success” Promise: If you don’t like it, we’ll refund you. You’re protected by a 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee. You must go through the entire program and take action on what you’ve learned. If you take action and it doesn’t work, get in touch with me and tell me what you’ve done. I’d be happy to give you your full money back if it’s not for you.

You can have instant access in just moments from now…

If I were to strip down my business completely, the only skill and area I would focus on day and night (without flinching) would be writing + sending e-mail.

Once you have a prospect on your list, and you take the time to connect with him regularly via e-mail, you will not find any way of building a relationship and creating customers that’s easier than this.

It’s more powerful (and easier) than affiliate marketing, social media, advertising, and pay-per-click, membership sites, joint ventures, and anything else available online.

If you’re interested in learning about building a business that’s going to last, that’ll serve you and your family for a very long time to come, you’ll get my entire process in this course.

Essentially you will be creating a nest egg for life – for you and your family.

“E-mail Millions” provides the skills that will generate thousands of dollars per month in income for you. The only limit is how much effort and excitement you bring to the table.

For this entire course, complete with video tutorials, audio and PDF material, and all my bonuses listed above, your investment is $997 SAVE $200 $797 (or two payments of $447). Consider it a small fee for the returns you will produce.

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Wishing you total peace and happiness,

Kavit Haria
Marketing consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I have access to you? Absolutely, I’m always there the minute you hit reply or pick up the phone and call. I’ll shoot you a reply with the answers to your most pressing questions, anytime, within your first four week period.
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  • I’m hearing impaired. Although the training was created in webinar (video) format, the entire program is now available as PDF transcripts, written up, for you to download and read. They are also available in MP3 format for those just wanting to focus on listening.
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