Jul 02

Fallen In Love


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About 12.45 GMT yesterday, as I was driving
back home from a quick shopping trip at my
local superstore, I turned the radio on.

I don’t listen to the radio normally but Wimbledon
is on which makes these two weeks the most
unproductive weeks of my year. (every year!)

Whenever I get a chance to be a fly on the wall
and study the greatest achievers and masters
in any field, I jump at the chance.

Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe (nicknamed
Thorpedo) was being interviewed. He is
Australia’s highest Olympic gold medallist.

But having suffered injuries and other
problems, he hasn’t been competing for a while.

He was asked whether he would like to
compete still and get back to swimming —
or what the next step in his life would be.

In response Thorpe said “you know, I just
want to get back to swimming. Sure, I’m
motivated by the Olympics, winning my races,
but the thrill of just getting into the pool and
swimming… That’s what I really love.”

Yet another sign of someone who is a true
professional. (Just like we’ve been discussing
in recent e-mails.)

Someone who loves the work they do, not for
any goal or objective, and so in the end will
meet that goal anyway.

They do it, not for the end result, but for the
daily pleasure they experience.

You must also do this when it comes to building
an online business.

Your online business is a vehicle to give you
the freedom and money to live your dreams.

But it will not ever happen for you until you
‘fall in love’ with your art + practice.

For some people it is the sheer love of the
potential of the web that gets them jumping
out of bed to work.

For others, it could be the love of how Google
works, the SEO structures, winning the
pay-per-click game.

Or better yet, like me, writing email, or blogging,
or workshops, or filming video episodes.

Or even just the love of business.

If you want to build a business that you will
love; that will be fun to work in on a daily basis
on your laptop from wherever you are in the world,
come and spend two days with me at the
’48 Hour Internet Startup’ workshop.

You’ll immerse yourself in the processes of building
a freedom business – and will leave with a complete
business set up, ready to take orders online.

Together we will:

– Discover your niche based on what you
enjoy and what you love

– Use my processes for finding out whether
it is a high-paying niche

– Develop a complete plan to build your
business online

– Set up your landing page, sales page,
blog website and designs

– Complete writing your report and sales copywriting
from start to finish while you are there!

– Set up your email list, learn how to write engaging,
persuasive email and do this work there and then.

– Spend 5 hours learning in-depth about 8 traffic
generation strategies that are currently working now…

– Discover 4 high conversion tactics for turning
your visitor into a customer as fast as possible

– Learn how to find the best virtual assistant and
work with them daily + weekly to supercharge
your business.

– Plus a lot more.

This is about one thing only:


It is intensive but it is also about having a lot of fun,
making life-long connections and creating a powerful
support system to help you develop the business
that will work to fuel your dream.

If you’d like to attend, I am hosting one last workshop
in London for the year on 27th – 28th July 2013.

The workshop is strictly limited to just 15 people so
that everyone will have a high level of personal attention
and coaching to build a profit-making business.

You can get all the details here:


Until next time,

Kavit Haria
fallen in love

P.S. I’m also doing this as a one-off on the 20th – 21st
November in Sydney, Australia.

Now’s the time to start booking your spot.