Jul 22

Five key components of your automated sales funnel


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Hi, I’m Kavit Haria, welcome to InsiderInternetuccess.com
Now, if you want to build an automated business system, a system that I call and ABS which basically you can travel with it around the world. You can work from your laptop anywhere. You’re not held to one physical place and you can do this without the pressures or stresses of logistics of offices or any of those individual things that you need to run a “real world” business as people call it.

There are 5 key components that you need:

1. You need and Opt-In invitation – you need a way for you to build a database of prospects and clients. Every business needs prospects and clients, but most business don’t save their contact information of their prospects and clients. So, you definitely need that, you absolutely must build that database otherwise you are going to be working harder, harder and harder all the time consistently trying to find new business. You need to do that.

2. You need product offer – whatever it is you are selling you need a highly compelling irresistible offer that people are going to say yes to, they’re never going to say not to even if they don’t have the money, they’re going to say yes to it in their heads so when they’re ready they’re going to be coming to invest.

3. You need traffic- you need a lot of people and methods and strategies to get people to your website.

4. You need an email sequence – a highly converting persuasive email sequence so that you can be building your relationship with people on a regular basis and driving people to your website.

5. You need a payment system – a way to collect money from people that are buying your offer. That are saying yes to your offer and buying your product and service so you can deliver that.

So, 5 key components of any ABS or Automated Business System. An opt-in invitation, a highly convincing or persuasive product offer, an email sequence, traffic and a payment system. As long as you have these 5 things you can put them all together into an ABS and build a powerful lifestyle business that you can travel with.

So, I hope that has been useful for you, make sure you have these things in place. If you don’t start looking around and researching ask questions, leave comments below and we will start to put together your ABS for you.

So, I hope that’s been useful and I hope that you can share this with some people and also leave your comments below and I look forward to catching up with you with more information in a future tip. Speak to you soon, bye