Success Story: How life coach Florence West grew her newsletter to 8,000 people and made $145,000 in one year

Success Story

How life coach Florence West grew her newsletter to 8,000 people and made $145,000 in one year

life-coachTell us why you wanted to start an online business?

I qualified as a life coach in 2003 in Arizona, Texas, and since then had been successfully coaching leaders, business people and corporate employees. I’ve traditionally got my business through referrals and word-of-mouth, and my practice has always been full, so I’ve never needed to worry about marketing.

Since 2011, the falling economy meant that businesses were cutting back on some of their “extra” spending, which included my coaching services, and I lost a lot of my big corporate clients.

It took me a while to realise that I had to begin to invest in my own marketing. When I did, I began to search online for new solutions and ideas. That’s when I learned that I needed to have my own suite of products on the web, which would help me build a passive income as well as attract new high-end clients.

How did you hear about Kavit Haria and the Automated Business System program?

When I started looking for new marketing ideas, one of the newsletters I joined was Kavit’s, and I’ve been reading his ideas and following his strategies since around 2012.

I even attended a few of his webinars, but I still didn’t take action. In May 2013, I finally e-mailed Kavit. I knew I needed his help. He had been writing about the Automated Business System program and some of the success stories, and I felt that this is exactly what I needed to help me jump start my business.

What was the entire process like?

Together we created a business and marketing plan, which included growing an email newsletter, writing a blog, and creating new products.

Kavit’s report writer, Jason, contacted me to really understand what I do and gain some important insights into my target audience. He produced a fabulous report which we used as a free giveaway in exchange for people joining my newsletter. I had created an eBook package that we decided to sell for $97, complete with reports and mp3 audio recordings.

Kavit’s full team got involved to create the website, landing pages, sales pages, order pages, payment processing, email auto-responders and a lot more. Within 6 weeks, I had a fully functional web business and most of the marketing and sales processes were fully automated, so I could be hands-off. Then, over the next 10 months, Kavit worked with me to draw up a marketing plan, and teach me all the strategies I needed to know to build my business, my newsletter and my product sales.

How has the Automated Business System affected your life?

Over 12 months, I built an e-mail newsletter with 8,000 subscribers that I now write to once a week. I know I could automate this, but I actually enjoy writing the e-mails and this is something I look forward to every week.

From the initial product, as well as my upsells and high-end coaching, I generated $145,000 in year one revenue. Although it is a nice sum of money, I’m more excited and thrilled that I was able to achieve this just through the Internet. All the leads came from the web, which means if I can keep doing what I’m doing, I’ll never have to worry about being “out of business” again. Maybe I’ll even start a waiting list of clients.

Additionally – I didn’t realize this would happen – but I’ve got a lot more time because I’m no longer visiting offices, banks and corporates to do coaching in-house. So my partner and I took just over two weeks out, rented a car and went on a little European road-trip vacation.

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