Oct 01

Formatting an e-book for Amazon Kindle


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One of the most popular questions I get is “How do I take my raw e-book that I’ve written up in Word to publish on the Kindle?”

What do I need to do to this file to make it readable on the Kindle, how do I convert it into that format?

Well there are several things you can do. First of all the most simplest basic thing you can do is just go ahead as you publish and upload that raw word file. Amazon itself has an amazing facility where they will take your Word FILE, put it into their software and automatically create the Kindle version that is suppose to be for you.

However, the down side to that is really can’t get to see what it looks like before it’s actually published. I mean sometimes before you even get the book published, before you even get it and go into the site and publish it you sometimes just want to see what it looks like on the Kindle.

Now Kindle, basically uses a format called MOBI – M-O-B-I which basically stands for Mobile M-O-B-I. You can basically convert your Word document that you’ve written up based on your Kindle e-book, into the MOBI format preview it before it even goes to the Kindle.

Now we use a software to do that here called Calibre C-A-L-I-B-R-E, if you just go to Google and type Calibre e-book conversion, you’ll be able to find their website and download the software. I think it’s a free version right now, you can download the software and you can basically use that. Upload or put into the software for your Word document and follow the system to convert it into MOBI format M-O-B-I and you’ll be able to basically see exactly what your Kindle book would look like.

I mean you could take that, you could view it on the Kindle app if you have an iPad or an iPhone, you can get a Kindle app and do it on there. If you have the Kindle device itself you could see what it looks like before it’s actually published and sold. You’re basically seeing what it looks like and if you don’t like it and feel you want to make some changes you can go back to your Word document, you make a few changes, you convert again.

Very simple, very straightforward Calibre allows you to do that and you can basically get the entire thing converted with that so, that’s my little trick for how I convert into MOBI. I wanted to share that with you. I hope you’ve enjoyed it if you like this video and you want further tips like this, hit the “like” button and make sure you join our e-mail community where you’re notified about these videos every time they’re released.

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