Jun 26

From the top of the hills…


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After I wrote you my long 1,000-word e-mail
yesterday morning, about the greatest online
passive income system that exists, I walked
out of the cottage where we’re staying and
onto the lawn outside.

We are right at the top of the hills on the most
beautiful farm, and I can see nothing but hills
and hills, of all different shapes and curves,
for literally what seems like miles and miles.

The sun is shining and there is no wind which
makes it really really enjoyable. I took my
laptop out to the deck and I entered what I
call “the Kindle mode”…

Here’s what I did:

I researched my next e-book that I will have
my team work on with me. The entire process
lasted four hours and I went through every single
check to make sure that I can guarantee that
buyers do indeed exist for my chosen topic.

I also reviewed every single e-book on the
same topic in Amazon and Google’d enough to
come up with a detailed outline for my writer.

I had a few quick calls with my team.

Don has now started researching and will be
writing this e-book. He’ll be complete in 4 days.

Carly has started to design the cover and I’ll
have a mock-up to review by when I log in to my
e-mail later today.

Peter my proof-reader has been notified that
he’ll have to review a book in 5 days time, to
be done within 24 hours.

Bhavik has been notified about video production.

My “work” today is complete.

In essence, I started, co-ordinated and set free
a brand new e-book that I’ll put on the Kindle.

With an average of 100 book sales per month,
I’ll be selling this e-book to make a profit of $6.

I’ve just set up a $600/mo income stream.

I’m drinking a cold lime + lemon water and the
view from my “front office” is just amazing.

I’m offering to have myself + my team do this
entire thing for you — using our exact step-by-step
processes to get you kickstarted with your
own passive income stream.

I’ll treat your project as if it were my own, and
give it the complete focus, dedication and love
to ensure it produces you the regular passive income.

I can only do this for 10 people.

For more details, please go back and read my
e-mail of yesterday. Didn’t get it or can’t find it?
Hit reply and tell me, and I’ll resend.

Speak to you soon,

Kavit Haria