Sep 30

Get your associations to world-class


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One of my favourite speakers is Robin Sharma
from the monk who sold his ferrari fame.

I love the transference of energy and passion
that takes place when he gets in the zone.

Wrote some notes down that I wanted to share
with you when I heard him recently.

One of his key messages is about getting
your associations to world-class.

Do whatever you need to do to achieve your
ambitions. If not, you will remain ordinary.

Ordinary people worry about cost.

The billionaires, best of the best, the ultra
successful, they think about what’s the value
if I go to this conference, this event, this course.

Go study what you want to study.

Find a way to get there.

Until your mission is an obsession, nothing
will change in your life.

And your life is just too valuable not for you to change.

Enough said.

Kavit Haria

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