Jun 10

How to get 10X more tweets and likes on your blog content


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This video is all about How to get 10 times more tweets and likes for your content on your website.

Now would that be useful? I mean imagine 10 times more people hitting your website, finding out about it, hearing it, and clicking all the way to come back to your website. Potentially 10 mores more opt-ins, 10 times more inquiries, 10 times more leads, and in the long run 10 times more sales.

So what would that do for your business? Well are here are a few things that you can do right away to get 10 times more engagement.

1. Make sure that your title of your title provides a how-to  or instructional piece of information that gets people clicking. If it’s something that people want they’re going to come to your website, there’s no doubt about it, they’re going to click and come to your website. That’s number 1.

2. When you’re writing Twitter messages keep them very short and keep them provocative. Ask questions, get people to say something, get people to respond. Don’t make them long essays, they need to be very short. Shorter in fact then the 140 characters that you get. So when somebody’s scanning they can read it very quickly if it pops out to them, they’re going to click, re-tweet or share.

3. Ask for the re-tweet, a lot of people on Twitter what they can do is or everybody, if you can write a Twitter message they can re-tweet to their followers. So, say I have 4,000 followers and I write a message, and you have 10,000 followers, if you like what I have to say you can re-tweet that to your 10,000 followers. Now, would that be useful for me or not? Of course it would be. So, the only way you’re going to get that generally is if you ask for the re-tweet. Just say “Can you please re-tweet this?” or please re-tweet, and what will happen is you will have a couple of people start to do that and it will start grow and escalate from there as well.

4. The fourth thing you want to do is add people’s names. So, use the @ sign and mention people. The more you mention people and make it relevant to them, even if it means you have to do more than one tweet, it means that they’re going to pay more attention, it’s going to pop up for them and they’re going to interact with you. And now when there is an interaction going people can publicly see the interaction which means that they’re going to click and come over and check out what it is that you’re doing.

5. And, fifth and finally the biggest mistake that people make with their content is that they only push it, publish it once on Facebook or Twitter. Don’t do that, make it more appropriate by sharing it at a different times of the days, linking it up with different things and post it more than once, because not everybody is on Twitter exactly at the same time to see your message. But maybe in the morning and the afternoon, and the evening and the night you have the opportunity to do that, by using a software that can automate that for you. For example Bufferapp.com is a beautiful software that allows you’re to put in four different tweets and set the times at which you want them to automate and go out to Twitter which means that you’re taking one piece of content and posting it four times over the next week to get more people to coming to your site. Don’t post it once, post it more than once.

So here are the 5 different tips that you can use right away to get 10 times more Tweets and likes for the content, which means you’re going to get a bigger better business ultimately.

So, I hope you enjoyed that and I look forward to catching up with you soon. By the way, please re-tweet that, please share this video on Facebook and let’s get this content out to get more people to engage with this content and your content at the same time.

So, thanks again speak to you soon, all the best, bye.