Sep 24

Google Keyword Tool and Google Keyword Planner – What’s the difference?


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I’m Kavit Haria, welcome to . Let’s just take a few moments and discuss the keyword search facility.You know Google in the last couple of weeks has killed off or shut off its Google keyword tool facility. So the thing that all of us marketers have been using to search for, how many people are searching a specific term is gone.
But of course Google is not going to let us off lightly. I mean it has provided us with a beautiful tool called the keyword planner, and the Google keyword planner is essentially a replacement, but a better version in my opinion of the Google keyword tool, here is why.

Now of course Google is running these free services for us because they want to sell us and get us to use the pap-per-click AdWords facility that they offer. So everything with Google Planner is geared even more to AdWords. So, you have to sign up to have a free AdWords account in order to use Keyword Planner first of all you can’t use it for free, and because you have to sign up you are now no longer limited to just a hundred terms with the keyword tool before you could only search up to a hundred terms with any specific idea.

Now there’s a huge number of terms that you can search and you can see and you can have related terms for which is really quite fascinating. It gives you a broader view, a more detailed approach of what you can look for. Also they now group these keywords into specific categories, so if they feel. If Google feels that this particular keyword that you might have searched. Let’s say you’ve searched dog food, is very similar to dog foods, a food for dogs, recipes for dog meals etc. If they feel that those kinds of things are search synonymously they’ll group them into categories which gives you a better indication of how things are working with Google, that’s really good as well.

Also the other thing you can do with keyword planner now is you can search specific keywords for specific locations. So if you wanted to see in Nebraska specifically how many people were searching you can see that. If you want to see in Birmingham, or Manchester or London specifically for this keyword how many people are searching you can now do that.
So it’s really quite exciting that Google has given us a lot more detail with keyword planner so if you just go to Google type in Google Keyword Planner find the tool long in or sign up for your AdWords account and start searching. You can search based on your keywords, you search based on similar or other websites that you might want to see, and you might want to see how their ranking because you can see their keywords and Google will go to their website look and analyze very quickly and show the keywords that they are ranking for, which is really powerful If you consider working with your competitors could help you elevate your rankings as well also.

Very quickly, very short I wanted to give you my two/three minutes worth of information on Google Planner just as it’s near just as their releasing it fresh out of the box, and you can just go away try using it see what happens and you know let’s continue this discussion and another video and another topic very soon.

So speak to you soon, bye.