Jun 25

Greatest online passive income system, explained.


This is a reprint of an e-mail written by Kavit Haria to his community of Daily Tip subscribers.
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If you’re interested in making online passive income, please can I encourage you to read
this right to the very bottom, word for word.

Let me take you down memory lane for a quick minute.

In 2005, I created + released my first ever online product.

It was a 49-page e-book I wrote using MS Word on
my big fat Dell laptop that weighed a ton.

I immediately fell in love with the model I was
creating. I could write a short book quickly and
put it up on my website. Slap on a PayPal button
and BAM! I’ve got something selling.

At $19.95 a pop, I made a lot of daily sales.

People flocked to the site to buy what were then
my “insider” secrets to music marketing.

BUT … that was because I spent hours and hours
trying to get some kind of marketing going.

That was the hardest part.

Sure, it was “write a book once, make money
forever” but I had to work daily to promote it.

It took a lot out of me on a consistent daily basis.

Not nice at all.

Fast-forward to 2009 and along came a nifty little
device called the Kindle.

Jeff Bezos set up Amazon to become the world’s
greatest retailer and changed the entire industry.

Now he’s aiming to do exactly the same with the Kindle.
He’s working tirelessly to make the Kindle the greatest
e-book store + device there ever will be on this planet.

And here’s what is really exciting for me:

Today when I write an e-book, I no longer have to work
tirelessly to drive traffic to it. I immediately publish it to
the Kindle and BAM! I’ve opened myself to MILLIONS
of daily visitors. I don’t even have to do any marketing
and I make money.

Get this…

* People go to Google to “surf”
* People go to Facebook to “connect”
* People go to Amazon taking their card out of their
wallet ready to “buy”. These are the people I get to
be in front of.

For these – and many other reasons – the Kindle
publishing business is the greatest online passive
income system, ever.

Hands-down. Nothing compares to it.

So, here’s what I do.

I set up an easy target to get an average of 100
e-book sales a month.

At an average of $5 profit per e-book, that’s $500.

If I release two e-books a month for 6 months, I’ll
have 12 books doing $500 a month.

That’s $6,000 per month.

Small “change” you could play with, especially if it all
comes to you every month without lifting a single finger.

The only limit you could reach with books and income
on the Kindle is the limit you set on yourself.

BUT… let me just say one more thing… Here’s why
now is the perfect time to do this fast:

Amazon are selling WAY more Kindle devices than
expected and there are not anywhere near enough the
number of e-books available to buy on the Kindle.

There’s a huge demand, not enough supply.

If that’s not compelling enough, I don’t know what it is.

It’s now – or too late – later.

In early 2012, I ran a 4-week course online to teach
people how to do 4 parts: research, write, publish
and promote e-books specifically for the Kindle device.

It has been my most successful course. Every single
person who has gone through it has published to the
Kindle and a very high percentage of them are selling
and earning money.

Passive income, may I remind you.

Hundreds of people are now published authors on the
Kindle, selling worldwide, because of this little course.

But it still pains me to think that there are many
thousands that I write to daily that are not yet doing this.

Especially if you can jump on the wave right now and
secure your spot on the Kindle – and allow them to deposit
the funds to your bank account every two weeks.

I look at it as a reliable nest egg that I’m building
for my family, my future, philanthropy, or whatever.

You can use the funds to live your dream, travel, enjoy
life with your family, or save for a rainy day.

I want you to experience the same thrill of having
this set you up for freedom.

So what I’ve done is put together a very special brand-new
program called “Kindle Empire Kickstart” — for just 10
people — and unlike anything I’ve ever offered before.

I’m going to take 10 people and hand them a brand new
e-book selling on the Kindle, earning income.

I’ll treat your project as if it were my own.

I’ll spend 5-10 hours researching a topic where people
search but there are not enough good books to buy.

I have set up my own Kindle team with 6 writers who
are capable in just about any field, cover designers and
ex-newspaper proof-readers.

Together with my team, we’ll write the title, your entire
30 page book, design a winning cover and write a description.

These are real writers putting pen to paper. Not any
rehashed PLR products. I hate them.

We’ll publish the book to YOUR amazon account and
it will start to sell within 24 hours.

You do not have to use your own name as the “author”
of the book. Many Kindle sellers use pseudonyms.

But — that’s not all — I’ll also get the promotion engine
started. I will write + submit a press release to the reporters
in your field using the web and I’ll write + submit 5 articles
to get you ranked high in Google.

And – I’ll even have my professional videographer set
you up with a two-minute video that you can use to
promote and get a huge boost in your e-book sales.

Like I said, there are hundreds + thousands of books
still missing on the Kindle. There’s no way I could publish
that many even if I lived till to be 100 years of age,
so I’m happy to do this for you.

Give me the go-ahead and I’ll have this up + running
for you in 14 days, and you can start working your way
up to 100 sales/month. Hands-free on your part.

Oh – and one more thing – I’ll give you the entire 4-part
training series that sells for $997 I told you about above
so you can learn the exact process, stay involved, and
continue to replicate.

I really want to give you a “kickstart” with your Kindle
empire so you can enjoy the income that is possible.

I’m going to put in a lot of hours for each project, and
with the time I currently have I can only do this for 10
people comfortably – and to a very high quality.

I talked with my friend Paul about what I could really
charge for this and when I put down my hourly rate and
how many hours the fee was well above $6,500+

But – to be very honest – my intentions with this are
not to make a huge amount of money. It is to show you
what is possible with the Kindle + when you see you’ll
refer more people to my work and other trainings.

So, I’m dropping the fee right down to just $1,997 USD,
which will cover my time and the costs of my team.

You’ll have your entire first Kindle e-book setup,
selling on Amazon worldwide. With your e-book
priced at $9.99, you’ll make $7 per sale and
100 books per month will give you $700/mo.

But 100 books is average from my results. So it’s
quite likely you could sell a lot more.

Within 2-3 months, you’ll recoup your investment
on autopilot and everything thereafter is literally
just pure profit for doing nothing else.

Not a bad investment, may I just say.

Want to see if this is a good fit for you, or take up
one of the 10 spots?

Reply back to this e-mail with your full name,
e-mail and phone number and I’ll call you to see
if you + I will be a good fit to work together.

Please only do so if you can make the investment
that’s required + you’re serious about this.

That’s all for now.

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t miss this wave.

Love and light,

Kavit Haria