Jul 19

Hot-selling Kindle topics


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The #1 reason most people fail at selling their
e-books is because of a poorly selected topic.

Naturally if you’re going to publish an
e-book to set you up with a passive income,
selecting the right topic is the most important step.

It must be a topic that has demand.
It must be adequately sub-niched.
It must be in a low competitor market.
It must be priced competitively.
It must have a brilliant cover + title.

Whenever I am researching a hot-selling topic
for my next Kindle e-book, I try to answer the

following questions:

– What are the topics in Amazon’s best-seller
paid list?

– What are the best-sellers in specific Amazon
categories of my interest?

– If I search the keyword, what is the ratio of
paperback/hardback books compared to Kindle

– How many reviews do the Kindle e-books have?

– What is the typical Amazon best-seller rank?

– Are there enough people searching Google
for my chosen topic?

I take all these responses and work my analysis
formula (“magic”) to decide whether I believe
this will be a good topic to produce an e-book
that will get sales – or to discard the idea altogether.

When you invest in the “Kindle Empire Kickstart”
(which re-opens for 10 people next Monday 22nd July),
I will be personally conducting the detailed
research + analysis to select a hot-selling
topic for you (just like I would myself).

Plus — I’ll be showing you how I conduct my
research so you can do it yourself as you rinse
and repeat the system.

If you have questions about the program,
reply to this email and ask me.

You have till Monday to decide at which point
I’ll be sending you the link to sign up. There
are only 10 spots which will fill up fast –
just like it did last time.

If you’ve already decided that you’re going
to join – look out for my email with the sign
up link coming to you on Monday.

Speak soon,

Kavit Haria