May 29

22 Published authors in 5 days


In April 2012, I flew to Sydney, Australia where I gave a 45-minute presentation at Kerwin Rae’s Business & Marketing Masterclass (which by the way is the world’s best business event, by a mile…) about how to became a published author and generate leads and sales on autopilot through the Amazon Kindle.

In this week’s video episode, I’ll tell you what happened… and I’ll share the basic formula I taught them which you can use to start building your own e-book empire. In a future episode, we’ll go into more detail…

If publishing a passive e-book business to get your business more leads and sales is of interest, I’m currently teaching an hour-long webinar and you’re invited to attend for free…  Click here to get all the details.

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  • Ben

    Great video Kavit I would love to interview you for my website about this. 🙂 

    • Kavit Haria

      Hey Ben, hook me up, let’s do it.