Sep 25

How an online medical service makes $8613 per month


The best part of my business is when I receive emails from clients telling me how they are seeing fantastic results from the work they have been doing with my team.

No business can thrive without feedback. If you get negative feedback, it helps you to change how you do things and achieve a higher level of excellence.

When you receive positive feedback it makes you feel inspired. Nothing in this world is free, but when you put so much effort into helping people, it’s great to see the work you are doing with them is changing their life for the better.

So today I want to tell you about Dr Joel Backhouse. We have been working with him for just over eight months and I just have to share his success with you.

Great Ideas Alone Don’t Always Make Money

Joel had a brilliant idea for an online business.

He is a medical doctor who spotted an opportunity. He created an online medical service that allows you to track your health.

How it works is that you visit your doctor and request your medical record from them. This information is then fed into your online medical account.

Joel’s system then smartly tracks that information, even making recommendations for you that can be applied to your life. It is a system that can spot trends and problems, which in the long term can greatly benefit you. Prevention is always better than cure.

The problem is that the world is full of skeptics. On top of that, it is a luxury service. Obviously your doctor is the core service, and anything you do on top of that is a cost that may not have a benefit.

When money is tight, many people do not look to the future. They chop out pensions, insurance, and also additional services such as the one Joel was offering.

For this reason and Joel’s lack of online business knowledge, he was struggling.

Joel Contacted Me About His Passion

Just over eight months ago, Joel got in contact with me to talk through how his business was structured. He wanted to know how I could help him to turn it into a profitable business, that would allow him to leave his day job as a doctor for good.

After working with lots of clients, I could immediately sense his passion, drive and motivation.

Because the structure of my business means that I can only work with a small group of highly motivated people, I only ever agree to work with new people who have that drive to change their life.

You see, I can deliver my Automated Business System to you. I can mentor you. I can encourage you. But unless you are motivated to achieve your goals, then ultimately you won’t succeed.

After speaking to Joel I placed him into my 12 month Automated Business System service and got to work straight away.

Within 35 days, my team and I strategised the service he was providing. We looked at his current online infrastructure. We looked at his pricing and marketing.

We improved the structure of his service, including changing his pricing strategy to make it more attractive and profitable. Then we went to work creating a brand-new online infrastructure to support the vision:

  • Fresh marketing and sales copy was crafted
  • A modern website was designed
  • The structure of the website was changed to maximise conversion paths
  • We created a 24/7 marketing machine to maximise opt-ins
  • I created a new autoresponder email sequence to warm up potential clients
  • A new membership site structure was implemented
  • We tightly integrated a professional payment gateway into the website to build trust and improve sales flow

35 Days Later…

Joel was ready to start with his new Automated Business System, with me mentoring him through his first year using it.

To say we transformed his old business in those 35 days is an understatement. The result of my team’s hard work were inspirational to me and Joel.

The new structure smashed his old conversion rate. He went from 2% to 12% in short order.

That means that for every hundred people, he went from making just $198 to a far more attractive $1198.

Joel Is Now On A Trajectory He Could Previously Only Dream Of

We have just hit month eight and I received an email from Joel.

He’s told me how his results are continuing to surprise him in terms of their consistent gains.

He now has 87 customers paying $99 a month. That means he is currently earning $8613 in sales each month. This puts him on a trajectory to hit $103,356 in 12 months.

We were both absolutely delighted with this progress. The hard work everyone put into it is paying off for Joel’s lifestyle business.

Joel’s target was to give up his day job as a medical doctor, to give himself more choice about how he organised his life.  I reckon he is 75% of the way there and I’m sure that by January 2015 he will be in a position to seriously consider saying goodbye to the old working life.

My Automated Business System Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

I hope you found Joel’s experience as inspirational as I have. As I said at the start, it’s always a great driver to receive positive feedback.

And I would like to receive the same positive feedback from you in the future.

I currently have two free slots available in my Automated Business System service.

I’d really like you to be one of those two people.

Together we can create a platform that will build you fresh choices and opportunities in life. I have experienced it and my current clients have experienced it.

So let’s do the same for you.  There is no risk.

I will offer you a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t make your investment back in the 12 months of the programme duration, you don’t lose a thing.

Although it is an Automated Business System, it’s only the structure and principles which are fixed. Everything contained within your ABS is created from the ground up.

All copy, design, coding, infrastructure and my mentoring is all tailored to help you personally.

So I’d like to have a conversation with you today, to start learning about your personal situation and ambitions, so that we can create a plan for you.

The concern I have, with years of experience, is that you won’t seize the opportunity.

So drop me an email, or call me, today and lets start your journey now.