Aug 15

How Dave & Tina built a million dollar business talking about raw food



Dave and Tina were trapped.

Dave had a great corporate career. He earned big money. $250,000 a year.

Dave and Tina enjoyed all the elements of a great lifestyle. They had a nice house, cars, possessions. They never had to worry about money.

But they were still trapped.

The trap is simple. It’s the same trap most of us are caught in.

You have to keep going to work to pay the bills and maintain your lifestyle. The more money you earn, the more time and energy it takes from you.

Dave and Tina realised that although they had a nice lifestyle, they were becoming strangers to each other. The whole basis of their situation, their close relationship, was drifting away. They knew they had to make a change to stay together.

Your Passion Can Make Money

Dave and Tina had a passion about raw food. Now I know that sounds odd.

But what we are talking about is a deep knowledge and understanding of how raw food can be physically and psychologically beneficial to us. They knew it was something they wanted to develop into a business, but were not sure of the best path to follow.

On top of their passion, they had goals.

They wanted to be able to work from anywhere in the world. They wanted to run a business from home. They wanted to be able to decide when they devoted time to that business, and they wanted it to maintain itself for short periods.

In September 2012 I had a phone call from Tina.

On the basis of that conversation, they enrolled in my Automated Business System.

Dave and Tina decided that my proven strategy to build an entire automated online business from scratch in one month was the structure they needed. They were also excited about the mentoring and direction I could give them for a further 11 months.

And on the basis of our phone call, I was happy that I wanted to devote 100% of my team’s effort to supporting Dave and Tina reaching success within 12 months.

The aim was to drive their passion and knowledge about raw food into creating an entire online business structure. We are talking a complete series of products, including ebooks, video courses, meal plans, and even raw food retreats.

Never Be Scared By The Numbers You Want

I remember in our first call, Dave told me his salary was $250,000 a year. We discussed my Automated Business System’s core goal of generating $100,000 within year one.

Dave made it clear right from the start he was looking for far more.

“Look Kavit, I’m not in this hundred thousand dollars a year. I want to get back to where I was, if not more.”

It became clear that $100,000 was not a significant, or suitable, annual sum of money to Dave and Tina.

I said to Dave that if you can build a business online that generates $100,000 a year, then you can use exactly the same structure to generate $1 million year. You just have to understand two crucial things. Leverage and scale.

So I Jumped Off The Call…

… and went straight to work with my core project team.

I was really enthusiastic about Dave and Tina’s ideas, their ambitions and their enthusiasm. I knew I could rely on them to do absolutely everything required to be a success.

My team picked up on this passion as I described the new business strategy to them.

My sales copywriter contacted Dave and Tina and guided them through the process of creating preliminary material structure. We then turned that into a final product which was to sell for $99.

The sales copy for website landing pages, sales pages, order confirmation, as well as the email follow-up sequence was all designed beautifully, and specifically, for their business.

My designer Francis began work to turn Dave and Tina’s vision into a website that reflected what they wanted to achieve. Then my developer and automation assistant

began the detailed work of structuring the flow of their Automated Business System.

  • They wrote the website code from the design Francis created
  • Set-up all the relevant webpages pages
  • Created a blog and installed all the relevant plug-ins
  • Dealt with search engine optimisation considerations
  • Tightly integrated a payment processing system
  • Tailored a personalised and refined product delivery process
  • Set-up the email auto responder software and sequence

When my team had crafted everything, I personally tested it all to make sure nothing could be broken. I looked for flaws, both technical and logical. I tweaked the language and ensured there were no leakages in the system.

Dave and Tina were astonished at the quality of the web business they now had up and ready to run. Fully functional and ready to take orders on their first high quality raw food product.

My team and I saved them at least 100 hours of learning, planning, executing and revisiting to get to where they now were.

An automated Business Does Not Come Effort Free

What my team and I did for Dave and Tina was to give them a ready-made springboard to launch from.

They had also benefited from me investing serious time with them in creating a detailed online marketing plan to deliver their goals.

But it’s important to say that to be successful, you need to put in effort, as well as to work with a great team. This is especially important in your first year.

I have to take my hat off to Dave and Tina, they were fully committed and studied relentlessly.

They travelled, they started to enjoy the life they wanted. They had more time for each other and their relationship began to blossom again.

But they worked damn hard as well.

And you know what, in their first year they produced $225,000 in sales. Because of the business structure we had implemented for them, 80% of that was profit.

This result blew their minds and made them realise how leverage and upscaling was going to work for them.

They’ve created more products. They launched a seven-day retreat for 12 people. They launched an online coaching course, priced at $399 per person.

The latest update is that two years into enjoying their new business, they have reached a fantastic milestone. In year two, the total sales were $1,130,000!

So they now have a $1 million per year business. They only employ one part Time Virtual Asst to support them and their profit margins are high.

They are now at the point where the hard work maximising the benefit from the expertise and knowledge I shared with them, will allow them to take that business in any direction they want. Hands-on or hands off, it’s their choice.

Be An Inspiration To Yourself

David and Tina have a great life, travelling the world and sharing the passion for business they both believe in.

They are in a position to upgrade the material goods they fought so hard for in the past, but without the endless grind.

All because of a passion for eating raw food.

That’s inspirational.

So I’m looking for people who want to be an inspiration to themselves.

People who want to work hard and build up a serious revenue generating online business within two years.

My Automated Business System service can be a springboard to the new life you have always wanted.

The goal is to generate $100,000 of online income within the first 12 months. The guarantee is to earn your investment back in that time.

There is no risk. You just need the desire to want a better life and to work smart to get it.

For one year I will work with you to create that business. I will be your mentor and I will support you to grow that business.

We will get the traffic you need, and create the conversion strategy. We will strategise the entire business structure, create a plan and implement it superbly.

Dave and Tina are happy. Nothing matters more in life than love, family, friends and being happy.

Dave and Tina have the personal freedom they need.

So let’s talk about building you a real, sustainable and long-term business. I know that after a conversation with me, your mind will explode with energy at the possibilities.

Just pick up the phone or drop me an email.

But remember.  You won’t do it at all unless you do it now.