Jul 09

How NOT to be authentic in business


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I’m sitting on the Al-Aqah beach in Fujairah, today,
Tuesday, writing this, basking in a high 41 degrees,
sweat dripping down my face and my sunscreen
lotion-filled body. This is my fifth day here.

Some people despise this kind of heat. I actually
really, really love it. The resort is in its “quiet” season.

I always take 2-3 books on a beach holiday and consume
myself in reading, meditation and swimming in the ocean.
This time, I’m reading and studying the classic Bhagavad
Gita, translated in English by Eknath Easwaran.

The Gita is considered a sacred scripture. As a guide to
modern living it presents the dialogue between Krishna
and Arjuna on the battlefield many thousands of years ago.

One of the many profound lessons I’ve reflected on so
far comes up in chapter 2. It is, in my opinion, the secret
to living and doing business with total authenticity.

“You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work”

Put simply, do you work with dishonest, selfish motives
and you have no right to the result…

… but focus on the greater good with pure intent and the
results are yours for the taking.

Every twist and turn life throws at us shall only be
interpreted with optimism and guidance to doing and
building our dream with complete fulfillment.

To ignore this sweet statement, to not be authentic
would be to focus only on the money, to be concerned
only about the result, and to not really give a damn
about how your customers and clients feel.

A lot of people play the inauthentic game in the hope
that they can make a lot of money fast.

But you can smell these people a mile off.

They never build trust with you.
They lie about their product or service.
They focus on making a quick buck.
They become obsessed with money.
They never keep in touch.
They never share heart-felt messages.

All they are interested in is the quick buck, and so
they appear inauthentic.

If I were a typical car salesman, I would never
tell you what I just have. Instead, I would offer you
your most wealthiest dreams on a silver platter
if you buy my machine.

But – that’s not me.

Doing authentic inspired business is about coming
alive and realizing your greatest fulfillment. For me,
it is about helping another human being deeply transform
their fortunes.

Every single person that has ever attended my “48 Hour
Internet Startup” workshop comes to realize a dream.

For some it is the dream of creating a new active or
passive income stream using the web.

For others it is about earning a slice of the Internet
income pie. Taking a 6 or 7 figure home annually.

Yet for others still, it is more deeper: dreams of personal
achievement, ambition and fulfillment for something that
may have taken years.

But the moment they walk through that door to the
environment my training room offers, they decide to
surrender their ideas and pre-existing notions so that they
can be led, step-by-step, to build a business that will
serve + transform them, their family, their customers.

They come to love the work they do, and they see that the
results flow in ways they never imagined. In some ways, I am
given the credit because I under promise and over-driver.

But – in truth — it is because they have come to focus on
completing the work and so the business takes shape,
completely functional and ready to take orders.

The “48 Hour Internet Startup” is about building a brand new
online income stream. Whether you have an idea or not, I’ll
help you decide, get clear and set the process in motion.

Want to find out more and book your seat at the next two day
workshop on 27-28 July?

Click here: http://www.48HourInternetStartup.com

And if you have questions, please pick up the phone and
call me – or send an email to kavit@insiderinternetsuccess.com

Speak soon,

Kavit Haria
basking in sunshine