Feb 18

How Not to Fall Into the Trap of Selling Your Product Like a Commodity


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Hi I’m Kavit Haria welcome to InsiderInternetSuccess.com

You know a lot of people are interested in the idea of building a brand.

Like building this machine if you like, this thing that has, this animal if you like that basically stands for something. That when you look at that brand you know exactly what you’re going to get. high quality, amazing products, amazing customer service and your going to feel a sense of love and transformation.

But most people even thought that’s what they want to build, they end up building and falling into the trap of the commodity. And how do I distinguish the two of them? Well the difference between the brand and the commodity in my opinion is one word.

It’s called meaning. When you have a product that has meaning attached to it, it’s called a brand. And when you have a product that doesn’t have meaning attached to it you have a commodity.

Well what is meaning? Well by meaning, I’m talking about some level of understanding and deeper feeling about the people that you want to impact. The people that you want to transform. The people that you want to serve.

from your heart, from within when you are designing this product, you’re designing and putting in all that love so that you can design this product to have a transformational effect on somebody else.

You know, for them it’s going to be if you’re. For me for example if I am helping business owners, for me it means you know I want to have this product have a meaning for them, which basically translates into more money, more time, more freedom. For me, if I can help somebody achieve that through my product, I have created a brand around what I am doing as well.

If I didn’t have that meaning and I just had a product and I was selling it without any meaning it would be a commodity. I could price it in comparison to everything else in the superstore, in the grocery store. But, the most important thing and the reason why we can charge high prices is because we have meaning attached to what it is we are doing. We have the deeper values of love, contribution,growth, connection attached to the work we are doing. we put our whole human force into doing it, so we touch somebody deeply, we touch our buyer deeply. So that they share our work, they go ahead and become advocates of the thing we are selling and produce massive, massive results for them and for us as well.

So, I wanted to share my two cents on my philosophy on how brand versus commodity works. The essential essence of meaning and I hope you found something good insight into this and you can think about this, you know I want to get you think about this and how you can do better business with it. Because this one shift, getting more focused on this could increase your sales a huge amount in your business.

So, that’s all for now I look forward to catching up with you very soon and see you in another video.

All the best, bye