Sep 04

How selling fences makes £155,000 just from internet sales



This is another great example of how my Automated Business System has helped real people to experience real rewards.

I’m going to tell you about Don and the email I received from him.

Don runs a business selling fence panels. Just your usual garden fence panels in a variety of materials and finishes, at various prices from budget to luxury.

Don also offers a complete installation service, so most of his business is face-to-face and quite localised.

His company employs 25 people, including office staff, a book keeper, sales team and the fencing installation team. So it’s not a one-man band business, it’s a strong and traditionally-focused company.

Until we spoke, this is how Don structured his business:

  1. He spent thousands each year on high-end directory advertising, such as the Yellow Pages.
  2. He advertises consistently in 10 local newspapers and magazines.
  3. Every month he pays to distribute 25,000 leaflets across target areas.
  4. His office receives calls from people enquiring about fences, which are handled by his sales team.
  5. Someone will visit the location and price up a quote for the job.

So as you can see, his sales funnel was expensive and locally targeted. In addition to that, if the prospect doesn’t like the quote, they go elsewhere. So just like any other local tradesperson, if they don’t like you and your quote then you lose the job.

Money and time wasted.  A sales funnel stacked full of holes.

Don Believed He Could Sell Fencing And Installation Online

Don realised that his business was hard work because he was using a traditional marketing structure, completely ignoring the power of the internet.

Thankfully he had the vision to understand that you can automate and increase your sales of ANYTHING through utilising online methods.

Don contacted me last July. We spoke at length about my Automated Business System and about the goals for his business and himself:

  1. He wanted clients to find him through the Internet.
  2. He wanted a higher conversion rate than he currently had, for a lower cost per conversion.
  3. He wanted to free up 20 hours per week of his time for his own use.

Here’s What We Did For Don And His Fencing Business

Don’s email was great to read.

In it he acknowledged that he had no website and no way to generate income online when we started talking.

What made me proud was that Don loved what my team and I had done for him to change that.

We created his entire website and ordering system. We developed a sales and marketing machine, complete with enticing lead generation reports and email follow-ups.

We built specialised landing pages for free report and coupon distribution, which brought in a strong supply of regular fresh leads.

We worked hard together to craft a new structure of enticing offers. Don acknowledged that it’s hard to make selling fences with installation sound exciting, but we put together a blend of offers at different price points to appeal to the various types of potential buyer.

I worked with Don to develop telephone sales scripts for his sales team. So far they have increased phone conversion rates by 15%.

I was particularly proud when Don said “We are building the know, like and trust factor pretty quickly…”.

If you follow my writing, you will know the whole ethos of what we do is to encourage sales prospects to know, like and trust the person or company they are thinking about making a purchase from. This increases the chance of a sale and gaining a customer for life.

So as you can see, my team and I basically developed an online business and strategy for Don’s fencing company from the ground up. On top of that we also revisited his existing business structure and practices to squeeze more out of his existing sales funnel.

I’m Really Proud Of This Automated Business System Success Story

Don’s fencing business made £155,000 from Internet sales last December alone. At a quiet time of year, when the ground is frozen solid and people are hiding indoors not thinking about fencing, my Automated Business System put an extra £155,000 into Don’s business.

Don’s company has now employed a business manager who runs the day-to-day operations on his behalf. This has given Don 25 hours of freedom each week, which he has not had in years.

His wife is certainly happy. They have now planned several breaks this year, and are already booked up for two years worth of holidays!

Tell Me You Don’t Want Results Like This

If you want to build a business online that gives you time and money freedom, then my Automated Business System is something that can help you.

And as you have seen, even if you have an existing business that is almost entirely structured for offline sales, we can plug in my Automated Business System to develop a complete online sales development strategy.

We will work hard to structure your entire online business. Designing, creating and implementing all the moving parts, putting them together and making sure they are highly refined.

With my expertise, you will have an 80% automated business within 30 days.

Then I will work with you for a full year, one to one. I will mentor you, giving you all the time you need. I will help you develop new ideas and strategies.

And you will not lose a thing. If you don’t make back your investment within those 12 months I will give you your money back.

If you gain, I gain. It’s a win-win for both of us, which is the only way I ever want my business to succeed.

So the next question you have to ask is are you going to take your first step right now by contacting me for a chat?