Oct 09

How selling handmade laptop covers made $100,000 in year one


I love to catch up with my Automated Business System clients as they come to the end of their first year in business.

It’s great to hear their success stories and see how the results have changed their lives. I also relish the prospect of learning about the challenges they have had, so that I can factor those into my future projects.

I always strongly encourage my clients to celebrate success. Many of them told me about how they are planning big events, such as holidays, using the money we have generated for them together.

What I’d Really Like To Do Is Tell You About Melissa

If you aspire to build a long-term, scalable and profitable online business then Melissa’s story is one you will benefit from.

It’s inspiring.

Melissa joined my email newsletter list two years ago. She had been invited by her friend to a webinar I was presenting.

She wrote to me a couple of times after, saying she had enjoyed the emails I sent and that she had found them inspiring and valuable.

Then, just under a year ago, Melissa got in touch to say she was seriously interested in my Automated Business System as a solution to the business idea she had been developing in her mind.

We talked things through in detail and I was inspired by what she told me.

She loves travelling. In Africa she had met people who were amazing at detailed craftwork. They would use traditional methods to create beautiful fabrics. These could then be used to create clothing, bags, apparel and accessories.

It struck a deep chord with Melissa, giving her one of those rare, whole of life, lightbulb moments.

She thought there could be a market for using this wonderful source to create bags and sleeves for laptops, iPads, Kindles, mobile phones, in fact any electrical device.

She saw the potential in the fusion of traditional African craftsmanship and modern design technology. It could appeal strongly to the savvy and conscious western consumer.

Successful Online Business Starts With High Energy And High Passion

I know that it’s never easy to set-up a niche e-commerce website, especially on your own and without specialist knowledge. Often, you just cannot expect to generate the traffic-to-sales ratio to make it profitable.

To do that, you need an amazing product that can market itself and gain traction.

You need to have constant energy to develop your marketing skills. You need to be on the ball, so that every single opportunity can be milked to maximise your profit.

You will also need to constantly work intelligently, so that you evolve clear marketing space around your product.

And finally, you need a dedicated, high-energy team backing-up your enthusiasm and drive with their experience.

Melissa had the high passion and drive to achieve all this. But she did not have the ability and knowledge to tie everything together to generate an entire business from a standing start.

As with all my potential clients, I talked in depth with her, to understand her passion to create and sell these products specifically.

She told me that she had a passion for art and craft work. She said that the quality and organic nature of what she had found in Africa was so inspiring that she wanted to share it far more widely.

She said her goal was to leave her job as an executive PA and travel to Africa. She wanted to meet more of the people out there and spend more time discovering new materials to transform into beautiful consumer products.

I can only share my knowledge and motivation with a finite number of automated business system clients. If I was greedy, I could take their money, but not do justice to them over the course of the year.

So I look for truly passionate and motivated people to work with. Melissa proved to me, through expressing her passion and detailed thoughts, that she was one of those people.

How We Made A Success Of Melissa’s Passion

I began working with Melissa through my Automated Business System in October 2013.

From an initial meeting, we identified and developed an entire online business model from her  ideas. We created a business plan that covered the entire process of creating, designing and implementing it.

My team and I set to work. In 40 days we developed every single element of an online business for Melissa.

We developed her e-commerce store and set-up all products. We tightly integrated a payment gateway that smoothly transitioned through a sale.

We created newsletters, free teaser reports and videos. We created landing pages and autoresponder email sequences.

Not only did we create everything that leads to the first sale, we also created an autoresponder sequence that will continue to build interest and trust with people who had already made their first sale.

In short, we built a full sales loop that would bring in new customers, and then retain them as continuous repeat buyers.

After the initial creation month, I then provided 11 months of close one-to-one mentoring.

Every two weeks,  Melissa and I would discuss how things were going and work to develop the strategy we initially set out with. By doing this, we ensured that initial momentum was always built upon.

Whatever Melissa needed, I had her covered. That’s what the Automated Business System gives you.

Now The Good Bit – This Is How Much Money Melissa Made

Three months in, Melissa had sold 235 pieces. Her average sale price was a very respectable $50. This gave her total sales of $11,750.

Six months in, by April 2014, her sales had rocketed to 1062 pieces. Total sales achieved were $53,100.

The latest update, as we head towards the end of first year, is that Melissa’s new online business has made me incredibly proud.

She has sold more than 1800 pieces, giving her a total sales value this year so far of $93,150.

So Melissa is clearly on target to hit $100,000 of sales within her first 12 months in business.

That’s pretty good, right?

What Is The Future Looking Like For Melissa?

Thanks to my Automated Business System, Melissa now has an 80% automated online business.

Sales go through an order house, so she does not have to get involved in any of the fulfillment process.

She has gained the skills to look after her marketing and advertising tasks in five hours each week. On top of that, she spends around 10 hours per week looking at new product ideas.

She has handed in her notice and is leaving her job in December 2014.

Melissa has also booked a family holiday to Jamaica, paid for with her business profits.

Her life has dramatically changed for the better in just one year.

Would You Like A Fresh Start?

Just like Melissa, you owe it to yourself to do what truly inspires you.

Ask yourself what work would make you truly happy.

By doing what you really want to do, it will rarely feel like work. It will feel like a fresh start in your life.

If you’re genuinely looking for a way to turn an existing idea into a viable, profitable online business then we need to talk today.

And even if you don’t have a good idea then we can look at potential ideas to develop a business from the ground up together.

But you have to do it right now.

That’s not because I only have limited spaces.  It’s because if you don’t do it right now, you never will.

I always have my phone with me, so would love to chat with you today. And if you’re not confident enough with your ideas yet, drop me an email and let’s develop them bit by bit.