May 26

Focus and execute: a simple guide on how to achieve more in less time


If you want to attain a level of clarity that allows you to breakthrough your challenges and steer your business, cause or project ahead with determination and drive, you need to use the principles of ‘Focus and Execute’ that I’ll begin to explain in this blog post.

If you don’t have enough time to get things done, if you don’t know where to start, if you’re drowning in a sea of options, then you need to read this blog post.
I’ll show you a few simple activities for finding more time in your busy life so you can execute the activities that’ll bring you the most profit.

The biggest killer for most aspiring (and even existing) online entrepreneurs is overwhelm.
They open themselves out to too many ideas, philosophies and systems yet fail to act on even one. They try to understand everything too quickly, and fail to understand any at all. They want to collect as much information as possible, but fail to organise it all, and hence collect nothing.

I am typically asked how I get a lot done very quickly. I can usually complete 8 hours of work in just a few hours, leaving me the rest of the day to do what I enjoy. This doesn’t even include outsourcing or delegation. This is just me doing the tasks that I need to do.

Over the years, I’ve studied a LOT of different productivity and time management systems. And I really admire and respect the creators of these programs. Some of the insights that I’ve gotten from these experts have made me a LOT of money.

My entire philosophy of achieving more is based on this one phrase: “Focus And Execute”.
I don’t know if I made that up myself, or just put together two words that I really resonated with, but I know that Tiger Woods follows the exact same philosophy. It is said that during the course of competing, Tiger recites the phrase “Follow and Execute” which quickly abolishes any distractions he may encounter. It keeps him focused and gives him direction on his next task.

So how exactly do you achieve more in less time?

As an entrepreneur or someone fighting for a specific goal, cause or dream, you first need to have a strong foundation of purpose and passion. You’ve got to know exactly what you’re working for and what you’re working towards. If you can identify in one sentence the most important driving force, the thing that gets you up and alive every day, then you’ll achieve more in less time.

Once you’ve got purpose and passion, you need to learn how to become a high performer.
A high performer has control. That means you need to quickly take control of your psychology, physiology and most importantly, your time. A high performer has “clean” blocks of time and space, and therefore has the ability to think creatively, openly and congruently. He or she is unfazed by distraction.

The most damaging thing that we as entrepreneurs do is mix up our activities.
We mix up productive activities with unproductive activities like checking e-mail or answering the telephone. High performers are proactive. They lead their day-to-day life in control. Most, however, are reactive. They are controlled by the sound of their phone or the ‘ping’ sound when a new e-mail enters their inbox, or the sound of the telephone when it rings. And the worst thing of all is that even when most entrepreneurs sit down to work on something proactively, they still leave their phone on loud and their e-mail open.

I highly recommend you sit down for 60-90 minutes at a time and work on just ONE project single-mindedly. During this time, you do nothing else but the task that you are trying to complete. If you’re sitting down to write articles, that’s what you do. If you are creating a new webinar, you complete that. If you’re going to create a new webpage or marketing system, you focus on that.

The moment I started to create chunks of time for pre-defined activities, my business began to change.
I started to achieve more, create more and deliver more, in much less time. This became a game changer.

But what should you work on? Here lies the secret of highly profitable businesses. Once you’ve create a few blocks of time in your week for predefined focused work, you need to identify what’s most important, what’s most urgent and what’s most profitable. I prefer to spend most of my time either doing what I love (i.e. writing) or doing what’s most profitable. What’s urgent may not always be important and profitable, so I find the right balance in my week.

Here’s why this is so important…

If you want to achieve more profit, power, freedom and fun in less time, you need to become a high performer. You need to learn how to focus and execute. Do these things and you’re online business will grow and profit faster than you’ve ever imagined.

If you’re struggling to find time, this simple starting process of creating a small chunk of time for just one activity will drive you forward much quicker than you could have previously imagined.

If you’e stuck in overwhelm, focusing on just one key project and continuing through without allowing your mind to get attracted to the next shiny bullet will create incredible results.

But Wait! There’s More…

I’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg with these two tactics I’ve shared in this blog post. My years of study and real-world practical use of strategies for achieving more, increased productivity and staying focused has created enormous business success for my clients and I, and depending on interest, I’d be happy to run a one-off webinar to share some of these more in-depth ideas with you.

If you’d be interested in attending a webinar to learn the strategies of high performers in online business, please leave a comment letting me know. Please also do share whether you’re achieving as much as you’d like and what you personally do to stay focused.

Let’s discuss below…

  • Craig

    Hi Kavit, I am a 21 year old entrepreneur with a B2B business in mobile marketing an CRO and a B2C business in eco-fashion t-shirts. I really enjoy your posts and especially this 1 as I struggle to focus but am now finding a bit more luck with hiring a hot desk but always open to more advice

    • Kavit Haria

      Hey Craig,

      Thanks for your comment. You inspire me. Just read the About page at your mobile website. I remember when I started my businesses with passion and purpose. It counts for everything.

      Listen, this will really excite you as the mobile genius… (you’ll see how I use mobile SMS)

      Speak soon,


  • Jpavaci

    Focus and Execution……the phrase is so simple but so hard to achieve at times. Even tough it is such an obvious truth it can be almost as elusive as success itself. especially when you consider “success” is rarely achieved without ”
    Focus and Execution”.

    And therein lies my problem

  • Igniteurfire

    Focus & Execute… Yeah that is my problem I can’t focus and it is currently driving me insane that I can’t finish my tasks on time or as effective as I aim to.

    I will apply Ur rule and let u know thank you:)

  • Mike Parris

    It’s alwaysn useful to find new ways of looking at and improving on productivity as this is the mainstay of any achievement.  I would be interested in any webinar that you did on productivity strategies for sure.
    I sometimes achive a great deal if I’m truly enjoying the activity but I get distracted easily if I’m not that interested in what I’m doing. 
    Mike Parris

    • Kavit Haria

      Hey Mike,

      You’re right… one has to enjoy it. But there are some tasks in running a business that you may not particularly enjoy but they must get done. What do you do then? Hence, I think being able to cultivate balance goes beyond just the “simple level” of focus that’s required on what you enjoy to the more “subtle and trickier level” of focus that comes with all tasks.


  • Dthomas992004


    I struggle to get clear definition in my efforts as I always seem to find something urgent always appears which breaks up all my good intentions! I am finding my best way to clear tasks daily is to write down a number of tasks that MUST be done to move me forward for each day, but ensure that the times for thses do not add up to ALL my work time for that day. I find that when this urgent task, (and I do mean an urgent and must be done task) appears, I have the time and sapce in my day to get it done.

    I must admit that I am getting better and achieveing more that is taking me forward now

    • Kavit Haria

      Hey Dave,

      I’m fortunate to know you over the last few years, hence I feel I’m allowed to write this: I can see how far you’ve come not only in your marketing knowledge online but also your levels of productivity. You take something, apply it instantly, and move onto the next thing.

      I prefer the pen/paper approach to task making as opposed to using an application on my phone or laptop, although there are plenty of very good ones and I’ve tried many.

      I also love


  • Debbie

    Thank you Kavit – what you have said definitely resonates with me! After years of constantly trying to achieve more and more and improve my own time management (even delivering workshops to others on creative time management techniques),  I firmly believe it is one of those areas of your life that you should continually try to improve. I am now (after years of practice) a pretty focused individual and that enables me to achieve a lot in my life. I know when my most productive time of the day is and make sure I maximise that when allocating tasks and projects to myself. I also divide each day into time slots and allocate activities that would best suit each time band. I am however, always looking to improve my strategies and techniques and interested to hear what works well for others so would be very interested if you were to put together a webinar on this topic.

    • Kavit Haria

      Hi Debbie,

      Great to hear from you and how incredible about your journey of transformation. Chunks of time is a very powerful, yet simple strategy. People disregard is so easily but it has incredible value in achieving results. Will certainly consider the webinar very soon…


  • aldrin leonel

     high performer=Freedom

  • Keith

    Thanks Kavit.
    Yes I relate to your comments to be able to focus. I set my objectives and tasks for the day and – yes you get Time Stealers – phone calls , emails requests for somthing NOW. by the end of the day the list of ‘things to do’  is still there – Help.
    Yes I would be interested in attending a webinar, as long as i can fit it in with my other ‘Things To Do’

  • Debilleonard

    I too have a problem with getting things done. My focus seems to wander to what I call
    the next bright and shiney object.
    I do make a task list, but as hard as I try I can’t seem to organize my day to keep productive.
    Especially my email accounts what a mess! Is there outsourcing for that? Lolo
    a webinar for all of the above would be great and I know this sounds weird but maybe a day in the life of productivity?
    Any organizational tools you would recommend in the meantime?
    Thank You

    • Kavit Haria


      You can certainly outsource e-mail. I would first come up with a list of “RULES” that your assistant would need to follow in terms of how to sort out your messages into
      1) What needs to be deleted
      2) What your assistant can respond with and how to respond
      3) What needs your urgent attention
      4) What you need to respond to, but not urgent

      In terms of task management, my most preferred tool is a notebook and a pen. I write down my list of things in two lists: IMPORTANT and URGENT. Then I just work through them in the time chunks I’ve created.

      I also recommend – a very, very simple tool to note all your details, thoughts and other bits and bobs down. It’s so simple to use; it’s freaky, but really good.


  • Cray Meadow

    I would love to see more techniques on time management. I love to study, study skills and self management. My schedule is actually really detailed. I switch back and fourth from 24 hour days to 32 hour days they each have study sessions or project development. It works great but it takes a week or so to adapt to before you start to become proficient at it, the only problem i had (and i just recently got over this) was sticking to one project, it was either write articles on something that you can profit from now or continue working on something you love to talk about. Though my love had one more task than the other i realized that i would get it done faster because i love doing it. Im good now after listening to Brian Tracy “Maximum Achievement” over and over again. 

    i chunk study, project and meditation and exercise time in various times throughout the day. Meditation and exercise are key to achieve this type of schedule.

  • Jediwarrior

    Hello , and thank you for the wonderful post, my partner is the exact model that you are describing…lol….I am how ever the other side of this model, not very creative, but can execute , I do need help on  systems automation, looking forward to future posts, Thanks Again

  • Alan Tems

    Great blog Kavit. such true words and I have been treing all my life to find someone with their feet on the ground and true life values, I look forward to hearing more.
    All the best Alan

    • Kavit Haria

      Hey Alan, 

      Great to hear from you!

      Thanks for your very kind words.


  • jay

    Hi K, not so much the focus but deciding what to focus on that seems to be the issue – a wbinar if it could help me address this would be great. J.

  • Woodbeeez

    Thank you kavit great blog. Time is our most precious resource yet so many people choose to waste or abuse it. Successful people simply choose to do what others are not prepared to are a shining example of that. Thank you so much for all the knowledge you have shared.
    Lee Gold

    • Kavit Haria

      Hey Lee,

      Thanks for your comment…

      I sometimes question what time really is. It may just be a measure of calculation from one moment to another. And it is because people don’t understand this measure for what it is, that they don’t see it’s value. They misuse it exactly as you’ve said.

      My pleasure. Keep the comments flowing.


  • Amorasis7

    Hi Kavit – so true most people have problems focusing on getting the most important things done first and delegating – I’m a classic and trying to improve by being more aware and folllowing that code. If I don’t acheive my list daily I just do it the next day and try to prioritise.Being naturally a chaotic creator – its been a lifelong struggle! I still get very easily distracted by the odd butterfly floating past…sometimes though, it leads to a recognition of something I needed to not always a negative. 

  • Robert Triggs

    Hi Kavit, a webinar would be helpful. l do find it hard to focus, seems to be so much going on in my head. I desperately want to build an online business and give up a normal job, but I think I suffer from information overload.
    At the moment I am concentrating on my GO business. I need to talk to you about that another time.