Jan 14

How to actually get more stuff done this year


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So we’re nearly midway through 2014 January, already and I wanted to shoot you this video to basically give you some inside into how you can basically get more of your stuff done.

I’m Kavit Haria, welcome to Insider Internet Success. There are 3 things that I do on a very regular basis that keep me focused, keep me on track and make sure I’m going to be achieving the things that I have set out to achieve.

It means I push myself with those 3 things to get even more done in less time, so I have a lot of time to travel, have a lot of time to do free things, to free me up and to free up my time.

These are the 3 things:

1. Quarterly Plan – I sit down at the end and beginning of every quarter and I plan what will the next 3 months of my business are going to be like. What projects are going to release and at what time. I have a whole spreadsheet that shows me the that you know on July this is what’s going to happen. On July this is what’s going to happen, it basically tells me everything that I have planned, so I never have to think about that plan ever again. I just have to plan the next three months then roll out and do the work and get it all done. It’s as simple as that I am never left to wondering what I’m going to do this week for generating traffic. What am I going to do this week for selling products. It’s all written down in a plan but I have sit down and I’ve done it once, that’s the quarterly review. Of course it’s still leaves scope for spontaneity so you know for me to come up with ideas of any specific time, which is fine but a good plan gives me the concrete, foundation and belief that I am going to achieve those goals in that time.

I also do a…

2. Weekly Review – I also do a weekly review so every single week I log into my computer and I look at everything I have achieved and I look at all the things I’m going to achieve in the next week, and I plan those down to even more minute details. You know like, the quarterly plan is a good plan the weekly plan is even more detail and then…

3. Daily to do or daily task list – and I write down 6 to 8 things I’m going to achieve every day to help me reach those weekly goals, and to help me reach those quarterly goals. As long as I’m doing this I know without a doubt I’m getting a whole lot more stuff done then I would have ever had done if I have done if I didn’t have this. And a whole lot more most people seem to achieve, because of this meticulous planning that I’ve got into my self and I’ve got myself doing every week, every regularly every quarter or every couple of months.

So, I wanted to share that process with you. The quarterly plan, the weekly plan, or the weekly review and the task list and these are things that allow me to be more focused, more productive and get more done.

So, I wanted to share that with you and I hope you find it useful. I hope you can take away something from that and maybe start applying those processes in your business as well.

So, I look forward to hearing from you, hearing how it all goes. Maybe you even want to tell me in the comments below by the way. Maybe you want to tell me some of the things that you do to be more productive or to get more done or how do you plan for your days, your weeks, and your months? So let me know in the comments below maybe there is some stuff that we can banter and collaborate on and share there as well.

I look forward to catching up with you soon. All the best, bye.

  • ioan pongrat

    @ioanpongrat:disqus Thanks so much .. Kavit Haria

  • ioan pongrat

    @ioanpongrat:disqus Thanks so much .. Kavit Haria