Oct 24

How to attract more leads and sales in the holiday season


Welcome to Episode #2.

This week we’re talking about how to market during the festive seasons. Being yourself and showing your ‘human’ nature creates a sense of caring, compassion and love that your prospect can sense and feel within you. It creates an opportunity for deeper connection, meaning and purpose that your prospect or customer can sense. In the end, the law of reciprocity never fails to reward you.

This week, it’s Diwali and New Year celebrated by the Hindus, Jains and Sikhs. My very best wishes for the year ahead and I hope that it becomes your best year yet.

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Welcome! Welcome to Insider Internet Success! In this episode I am going to talk to you about something really exciting. Now to all the way to the end of the year there are lots of exciting activities, festivities, programs functions, all different sorts of stuff happening. Right now in the Indian calendar is Diwali so that’s like the end of the year, the new year. Then there’s going to be Thanksgiving in America, people celebrate that so our American friends are going to be excited about that coming up, and then there’s Christmas of course right? So some exciting time for families, for people to enjoy all the different holidays that are coming up. But how can we as business people, as marketers use these Holidays to generate more leads, more sales and create a surge in our business? Well that’s what I want to talk to you about today so let’s delve in and think about this a bit more.

In the Holidays for example there’s lots of fun, there’s lots of exciting elements and all of these different things happening, and all we have to do is get in touch with our customers, our prospects, our clients and make contact. They’ll get to see what were up to, and get to read our messages and potentially if we use these with offers, they’ll also get to see our offers. Now here’s why this works really well. In marketing and business one thing that people really want to understand and know really well is your nature, if your personality shines through and they see that you’re a human, that you’re doing some really great stuff, your energy is coming through, your emotions are coming through, they can connect with you, they can get to know you on a little more of a personal level. Then the level of trust, the level of connection, engagement all of those things grows to a new level. So certainly using the Holidays as a marketing period, using the Holidays as a season where you can market your information, you can share your ideas, give good wishes, all those kinds of things is wonderful because it allows you show your style your nature.

For example in my music business last year we recorded a Christmas video, and we recorded a video that we sent around to all 70,000 people. Now I usually don’t do these messages via the internet. I usually try to send stuff in the mail but 70,000 people is a lot of people to mail and I don’t have all their postal addresses so I created this video literally about two minutes long, and I just shared some Christmas wishes I gave some tips for the music business over the next few weeks and stuff like that and I sent this video out to the list. I had lots of people write back and share their own wishes and they loved it, they got to see me, hear my voice projecting and showing some messages and I got to be myself right? So that was a wonderful thing to do, in the same way also try to stand out in different ways. You know a lot of people mail Christmas cards, Christmas postcards, Christmas letters and all sorts of different things so I decided not to do that. What I have been doing is mailing letters and ideas during different parts of the year. For example I have mailed letters at Easter, I have mailed a postcard during Diwali and during Diwali for example I have like a wonderful candle on there that represents what the festival is all about, lighting the inner self or lighting your knowledge in a different way and we get that out there and we write some fun stuff on there and on the back we have a little message that says contact me for a consultation or a free report or something special. And that’s my opportunity, that offer is my opportunity to create a lead magnet.

So think about how you can in your business, whether you’re a new business signing up to announce the launch of your business on a special time, you know on an auspicious time or maybe it’s you’re an existing business that has prospects and clients but you don’t really keep in touch with them. Think about how you can either send them postcards, letters and stuff in the mail. Think about if you don’t have their mailing addresses, you can maybe you know if you had an ideal client base of 10 to 20 really active clients in the last 6 months, maybe create and afternoon to phone them all and wish them a Happy Christmas or a Happy Thanksgiving to show them some gratitude. Or if you don’t have their phone number maybe you have their email addresses you can send them an email, you can design a postcard graphic and send that out by email saying Happy Christmas or whatever it is and include a little bit about the lead magnet that you’re going to offer. And then if you don’t have their email addresses and I’m sure you have some email addresses right so even if their friends or colleagues or prospects or clients and customers I am sure you have some email addresses so you could mail, and if not of course there’s Facebook take the graphic you create, the postcard graphic and just post it on Facebook, and get people to share it and like it and so forth, and you would have lots of people engaging with your message. The thing is how can you stand out, what cool things can you create, maybe you can share your personality with a Christmas image of you in a Santa’s hat. Or maybe an Easter you get into a bunny’s outfit, or maybe during Diwali for example you have candles lit up everywhere, or maybe during Thanksgiving you have a big turkey on the postcard or all sorts of different thanks or hugs or hi-fives all sorts of different things come out on your postcard. Share the love, because with your love comes your personality, your humanity and people get to see who you really are, who’s the person beyond the camera for example for me, or who’s the guy who sends me emails, or who’s the lady who posts me stuff I don’t really know her apart from the marketing sense, but now I’m getting to know her because I’m getting stuff sent from them. I’m getting letters, I’m getting ideas, I’m getting content. And that creates personality, engages them and people love that. So ever think about how that works for you okay? Think about in your new business where can you instill that in the next 12 months which new events or festivals can you find can you say I’m going to go and mail and get in touch and do a seasons program, a seasons greeting program for April during Easter, or during March for Easter or during Thanksgiving season. Even in the UK you can use the Thanksgiving season and just play off the Americans and say look in America it’s Thanksgiving but we don’t usually celebrate that in the UK but I would like to send you a little card to say thank you for your business, it’s really meant a lot and I really have been able to get my word out to more people because of you. So whatever your message is whether you sell products or services, you sell information or entertainment, whatever it is you do you can find a way to use Holiday marketing because Holiday marketing is a wonderful, wonderful way to do this.

So with that in mind it is Indian Diwali this year, New Year coming up in a few days for all the Indians and Asians that celebrate that, so let’s use this opportunity to mark a brand new year, metaphorically let’s use this opportunity right now to create change, to make a list of things that we want to achieve in the next few months and years and make this opportunity to say these are the goals these are the strategies I’m going to work with maybe it’s going to commit to writing an article every week in your business. Maybe it’s going to be doing some essays or some Facebook advertising, maybe it’s going to be writing articles so you become an expert, maybe you’re going to create a plan for these greetings, maybe you’re going to write a newsletter. Whatever it is you decide to do, make this a start of a decision that lasts for the next twelve months, and you’ll see great success with consistency and great success by following through so have a wonderful Diwali week whether you are celebrating or not, use this as an opportunity to leap forward and get into growth because these wonderful events or wonderful ways to leap forward every 4 months, and if there’s an event every few months, and you use that and you just leap forward with that every month you’re going be light years ahead in your business. So see how you can do that alright? So have a wonderful week and I look forward to sharing with you next week’s video and next week’s episode very soon.

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