Nov 05

How to build an “Automated Selling System” for your business


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I’m Kavit Haria welcome to

So automated selling system, what exactly is and how do you build one? An automated selling system is basically a complete flow from start to finish for how a user finds your website and interacts with you, get converted into your nurturing system and inquire or purchase your product or service.

And when you take this entire flow and make it completely automatic so that it’s running on its own without you being involved, without you manually doing things, so somebody comes to your website they’re interacting they’re putting in their information. They’re receiving material from you. They’re engaging with you, they’re receiving e-mails and the inquiry then takes place.

That entire flow when it happens automatically we call that an Automated Selling System, and you can build one by understanding first of all:

What is the journey you want to have somebody come, what do you want to educate them with so that they are ready to purchase by the time they inquire?

That I the one question you need to ask yourself. Ask yourself this: How do I want to educate someone and get them coming into a relationship with me so that when they are ready to purchase, they can inquire from me and they would’ve had all the information they need before I’ve even had some interaction with them on a one to one basis?

If you can figure that out, if you can understand that for your business whether you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, service provider whatever you are. Whether you sell informational products, you need to figure out…I want someone to come to my website, I want to engage with them, I want to give them free material, I want to nurture them.

Now, what exactly needs to be covered in this process for you? In your business in you unique individual business? Because if you can figure that out in making the system…the technology behind it all that becomes really easy.

Now for anybody that wants to have a chat you know I’m happy to speak to you one to one to just discuss your business, your goals and see exactly where you are with your automated selling system, and I’ll guide you and show you how to build one.

So if you want to do that there should be a link somewhere below this video to book a strategy call. Do that book a strategy session with me one to one and well talk about your business and we’ll figure out how basically you can create an automated system like this for your business to increase and ramp up the sales and increase the goals and move you faster towards the goals in your business.

So that’s all for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed this short video tip. Think about the automated selling system it’s a critical part of any business that wants to ramp up and innovate faster and reach their goals faster.

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