Jun 19

Back to Basics: How to Capture Red-Hot Leads


The most fatal mistake ANY individual, business or organisation in ANY industry can make is failing to capture red-hot leads – especially when it’s so easy to do so on the Internet.

Here’s the REALITY of most websites: A new person hits your website, they read through a few pages or watch a few videos, they’re interested in what you offer but they can’t find your contact details and you’re not making it easy for them to get in touch.

Do something this week to make it really easy for people to get in touch. Incentivise them with a free offer to download a report/video or two, or have a “Call Me Back” form on your website. Whatever is suitable to what your ultimate user journey and purpose is. For example, under every post I make to this website, you’ll find a box that says “Like This Post?” inviting you to subscribe and get 11 marketing resources worth $3,000 for free. What could you do to stand out?

Leave a comment — tell me what you do at YOUR website to get capture your red-hot leads. Let’s discuss some ideas and get creative.

  • Terryganas

    I thought I would take a poster to businesses in the area that would give away a kindle fire , like about 30 different types of businesses . offer them the poster  desplay so as there giving the kindle away but in essence its one kindle for all 30 businesses . tell them for $99 I will market there business until the drawing once a week by sms and by cross marketing they will benifit from the other businesses because every one is eating shopping buying tires oil changes and so on . so there getting not only building there own list but also being able to market to the whole big list list of every one. if they like the results they can sign on after the drawing for that price monthly .

  • Jorge

    Hi Kavit,
    Thank you for the reminders. 🙂 I’m a photographer and I’m giving away an ebook, “7 things you need to know before hiring a photographer”. Would love to get your feedback on the title or on the content. You can download it at http://www.jdaphoto.com. Look forward to hear from you.

    • http://twitter.com/yogainspiresyou Ntathu Allen

      Hi Jorge (like you, being a parent to twins is one of my greatest achievements!) I had a look at your website and free offer. I am not an expert but as a small business owner, one of the things which really attracted me about your services is the fact you offer a branding and consultancy service. I wouldnt of guessed that from initial quick scan of your website? I thought you were a “photography website” and would of clicked of straight away but I staid on coz of your comment above.

      I am not sure what the photography market is like, however I know, small business owners are concerned about and want to know as much as we can about  branding/how to brand/what images and designs to use when branding and if we decide to use a branding consultant then what are the things we should know about if hiring a branding consultant.

      So for me, i feel that side of your business, maybe a free ebook or video addressing those points would be useful? Hope I havent over stepped the mark. Thanks.