Feb 04

How to Close a High-Ticket Sale


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Hi I’m Kavit Haria welcome to InsiderInternetSuccess.com

You know one of the questions that I receive a lot from people that are trying to make big sales like their trying to convert sales to four and five figures is how do you close a high ticket sale? How do you close a big ticket sale?

And there are many different things you need to take into consideration, you know we don’t have enough time in this specific video to talk about everything. But I wanted to give you one thing and it’s this, imagine your going to buy an engagement ring and your going to spend a few thousand dollars on an engagement ring or a few thousand pounds on an engagement ring. It’s diamond, it’s flawless, it’s amazing, right?

How do you decide which one to buy? Usually your deciding which one to buy because you feel really connected and emotionally attached to the occasion that’s going on. You feel like if you get this specific engagement ring this diamond ring, you’re going to have some sort of happiness and fulfillment like you never had before because of the attachment that it gives you, the emotion that it gives you, right?

So everybody that sells needs to think about 2 things. You always want to ask your prospect these two questions.

1. Where are you right now, like what in your business, in your life in your relationships in your health where are you right now? In your weight loss where are you right now?What are you feeling? What are you struggling with? You know, what are you experiencing right now that your not happy with? That kind of question.

2. And the second thing you want have which is the other end which is. Where do you want to get to? Like, what are the end goals you want to achieve? What are results you want to experience? What are the transformations you want to feel? You know, what is it you want to enjoy, feel and appreciate in your life?

If you can ask these 2 questions your going to find there’s a gap in between, and that gap is and emotional gap,it’s a gap that they feel like, you know if there’s a pain involved there. If you can basically tell them that, but of course if you do this right? Have an end result you can get them to this end result through your process by working with with your products, by working with services you will move them from here to here based on this process if you can connect that to them emotionally and get them to really see and understand what it means to have that result. What does it mean to them to have this process filled up so there’s no gap there. And if you can get them to see that. You’re going to be really close to signing on that deal and getting them to pay you the big money for the product or service that you’re selling.

The most important thing is the emotion, get them to see that this is really help them to achieve their goals if you only find out what their goals are, you’re never going to be able to help them to connect with something that is so personal to them.

So, go figure that our with them and you will be able to create this result for you and for them, and I look forward to catching up with you soon. I hope you found that really useful.

All the best, bye.