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Can it be done? Create and launch your own info-product in under 60 minutes


Welcome to a very exciting video episode on the Insider Internet Success web show. In this video, you’ll get the blueprint for having your first info-product up and running within 60 minutes. Follow the plan outlined and you could have your first sale by the end of the day.  Leave me a comment if you’ve followed this model before or if you have any questions…

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Welcome this episode. I’m really excited to bring this episode to you because I have something really exciting to do. Now, I’ve written down some notes so I’m going to refer to my notes, obviously because what I’ve got to do here is present to you a complete formula for, get this, creating your info-product and selling it within sixty minutes.

Alright in this short video I am going to concise an entire project for you, that you’ve got to do and it will take you about sixty minutes to do. And that is create your first info-product and selling it right away. Imagine that right, no need to spend hours and hours creating a product. No need to spend days and days putting up a sales page or anything like that, all you got to do is present it, get it created and then sell it, and you’re going to do all that in 60 minutes.
Now here’s how, let’s get into it:

Step 1: Is to know your niche market, alright? So step one is to know your niche market, which you I hope you know by now so I’m not going to cover a lot about that.

Step 2: Is to identify a core need, a core problem that people have. So I hope you also know that. I mean if you know a niche market you should know core problems they have. So let’s say in my market one of the problems as a music business owner, one of the problems people have is not knowing how to get gigs. So let’s use that as an example: not knowing how to get gigs.

And then,

Step 3: Is to create your info-product. Now here’s the info-product let me explain how it’s going to work. The info-product is a week by week training program. Okay, so you’re going to create a week by week training program. And every week decide to give information by video or text, so we’re going to create information by text. So my topic is how to get more gigs, cause that’s what people want to know and I’m going to write down on a piece of paper all the steps required to get more gigs. And those steps I’m going to divide up into weeks. So let’s say I’ve got 10 steps. Alright, so I’ve got 10 steps, well let’s say I’ve got 12 steps for ease. But let’s say I’ve got 12 steps that are required to be fulfilled in order to get more gigs. So now I’ve got a 12 step system to getting more gigs, each week I’m going to reveal one step, so I’ve got a 12 step program. If you’ve got a 4 step program you should try and delve deeper and create those 4 steps over maybe 2 months, one every 2 weeks because you want to go slightly longer. So, 12 week program, 3 months 1 week so every single week I’m going to write up one step into a Word document, I’m going to PDF it up and that’s going to be my course. Whether it’s two pages, five pages or twenty pages, that doesn’t matter the point is I’m going to get across every single thing that’s regarding that step. So now my program is a week by week 12 step system over 12 weeks on how to get more gigs. I’ve already designed the program. Now what I’ve got to do is create the first lesson because I got my framework already created, it took me about 10 minutes to do and I’ve got to create my first lesson in detail. So I’m going to sit down maybe spend 20 minutes and write up the first lesson in as much detail as I can. Everything to do with maybe finding the right venue is the first step. So I’m going to write that down everything how to go about finding the right venue, which guides to use, which places to contact, how to speak to the venue, etc. etc. and then that’s step one. And let’s say I’ve written 3 pages on my Word document if that, I’m going to PDF that up and that’s my first week done. Alright so within 30 minutes I’ve decided on my problem, I’ve come up with a specific issue that I want to tackle, and I’ve created the framework, and I’ve written the first message.

Okay, now I don’t have to write week 2’ message until 7 days’ time. Because that’s when it’s going to be delivered. So maybe not 7 days alright, you don’t want to leave it until the deadline. Maybe in 5 days’ time I’m going to make sure I’m going to have week 2’s message completely done, step 2 done, the PDF created. But it still means I’ve got 5 days to go until I have to do that.

So then I am going to leave that aside and go on to the next step, creating the sales page.

I think we’re on,

Step 4: Creating the Sales Page. Step 4 is about creating the sales page, so I’m going to create a page and on that page I’m going to write all the benefits of this 12 step program. So on this 12 step program if somebody follows it, they’re going to know how to get more gigs, and by discovering these strategies of getting more gigs. They’re ultimately going to get paid gigs, they’re going to know how to do this regularly and they’re going to get paid money, so they’re going to get money out of it. And ultimately if they want to as musicians they can quit their day job. So, four key things here that I’ve identified as my key benefits and I’m going to write this on my sales pitch. It doesn’t have to be a hugely long sales pitch just now, remember we’ve only got 60 minutes. So maybe spend a few minutes maybe 20 minutes again writing up a long sales page and send that to your designer. You’ve got to use a designer alright, because you’ll be spending hours and hours doing this. So send that to your designer, let them draw up a sales page for you for about 50-100 dollars maybe and then find somebody on to do that for you, design a webpage that has all your content on it with your PayPal button. They can do that all for you, so you don’t have to do that for you and as the same time as your writing the content they will be designing the website so if you go to first and tell them to design a website and then give them the text as soon as you have written it. Then you have this entire process set up so hopefully within the hour they will have come back to you with a design sized up and running. Maybe they might need more alright so 60 minutes doesn’t have to be exact, but you get the idea.

So you’ve found the niche, you’ve found the problem, you’ve created the framework, you’ve created the first session; or the first lesson; or the first weeks training, you’ve designed your sales page, you’ve got the PayPal button, it’s all live and you’re ready to sell. Because you’ve got everything set up, you’ve got the first lesson ready right? So if somebody comes and buys right now you can deliver the first lesson. Now how are you delivering these lessons by the way? You’re going to deliver them using auto-responders.

So if you have an AWeber account or a MailChimp account or an iContact account, you can set up auto-responders, messages that go out automatically. So as soon as somebody pays you get them to join a form that says: name and email address, as soon as they put in their name and email address they are going to immediately receive the first message. Alright, so they’re going to receive the first message immediately which means by receiving the first message immediately in there is the first lessons content. And then in seven days’ time they can automatically receive another message which you can program in, and in there you’ll put in the second message. So it doesn’t matter whether somebody joins today, or in 5 days’ time or in 7 days’ time, or in 2 years’ time. As soon as they join and pay they will have joined the form and automatically received the lessons.

And that’s how you create and info-product that you’ve worked for once and it sell over, and over, and over, and over again. But the great thing about this model that I have just presented very quickly to you, is that you don’t have to create the entire product right away, all you’ve got to do is create the framework and create the first lesson, and then start marketing it. And you want sales tomorrow and the quickest way to market is to use Facebook advertising, or pay-per-click advertising, so quickly get up some advertising there and you know get people to come to your site using that so you don’t spend very much. Spend 10 dollars, 15 dollars, 20 dollars for your first day maybe, get some people to come to your site and if they buy, then bring it you have some sales. And if they don’t buy and you try this for a few days then, maybe your marketing is not right. Maybe your sales message isn’t right, maybe that they don’t even want the product, so think about specifically how you could test this without having to put a huge amount of work in. I mean if you had half an afternoon, if you’re really slow now, now this is for the really slow people, if you’re really slow than half an afternoon you can get this all done, you don’t even have to have an hour. But I know there are some fast people amongst you that can do things very quickly, that are technical, we have some good viewers so if you can also do things very quickly, very technically then a hour is what you need to get started with this model.

Find a need, create a framework, create the first message, create the platform for the sales message the auto-responders and get your first message out there. Start promoting, get some sales, put some money in the bank and then build the second message, build the third message, and that means over a 12 week program for example for me, over 12 weeks. I’m now going to be creating my 12 week program, so my 12 program is going to take 12 weeks to create, and 12 weeks to create once a week I’m going to do a little bit of work, it means I’m spreading my work throughout and it means at the same time I’m creating a product I’m also generating sales.

Now how’s that for creating info-products as easy as 60 minutes right? Pretty impressive, again let me re-cap the steps:

1. Find your niche market
2. Narrow down your need your business serve, for mine how to get more gigs.
3. Then create a framework for the lessons or the steps involved in making that happen.
4. Then write up the first message as soon as you have written up the first message then go through and create your auto-responders, use AWeber or MailChimp or any of them to create your auto-responders.
5. Create a PayPal button, write your sales message, get your designer to put it all together for you and then start marketing.

The other question that’s rare to this is: How much will you charge? Right, how much will you charge for these lessons? Well what I do is charge a monthly basis opposed to a weekly basis, because people are more inclined to pay on a monthly basis rather weekly. And if they see charges coming out of their account every week, they’re probably going to have to think twice or four times really about it in a month. So maybe charge monthly and I for these kind of programs I’ve charged anywhere between 17 dollars a month to 97 dollars a month, it really depends what market you’re in. If you’re in a market that is highly lucrative, people have a lot of money to spend then you charge higher based on what’s similar in that market place. But in the musician’s marketplace for something very similar I’ve charged around 17 or 27 or 37 dollars a month first and they pay automatically by PayPal, I deliver the lessons automatically, all I’ve got to do is focus on marketing and creating the messages. And when I’m finished creating the messages that jobs is also out of the way and all I’ve got to do is focus on the marketing.

So there you have it creating an info-product in 60 minutes. I hope you’ve found that really useful. Take these ideas, re-watch the video because obviously I speak very fast as your use to right now. So re-watch the videos, take some notes leave a comment below if you have questions, specifically to how this will work. So if you have questions regarding this business model itself or how you can do extra different things with it, how you can expand it, anything, any kind of question relating to this ask it below and I will answer it for you. Alright so press the Facebook button, press the Tweet button, share this video it’s really a wonderful concept that you can share with your friends, they can all be doing it in different markets as well. We can add value to a huge number of people. So, I hope you have enjoyed this, I look forward to seeing you in the next episode, next week.

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    This all sounds good but I am a little lost when trying to make a membership site like you talk about. How or where do i go for help with that?