Nov 15

How To Create effective squeeze pages (plus 5 real-world examples you can model)


Welcome to Episode #5 of Insider Internet Success.

In this episode, we’re studying the key criteria that make up effective squeeze pages. We’ll look at 4 key ingredients that every effective squeeze page should have, and we’ll also look at five different, specific types of squeeze pages that you may want to model.

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Welcome to Insider Internet Success, in this video we are going to talk about how to create the most effective squeeze page. We’re going to look at what a squeeze page is, we’re going to look at the four key ingredients in making a powerful squeeze page and then we are going to look at some key examples. I’ve got five different examples that I want to share with you, and the squeeze pages pop up so you can see what they look like and you can see why they work so well.

So a squeeze page, what’s a squeeze page? You might have heard of the names of lead capture page, or name teaser page or a fly catcher page, or even just a lead capture page I mean general terms. But a lot of people on the internet will call it a squeeze page. And the purpose of one of these kinds of pages and the objective and a very specific objective of one of these pages is basically to get somebody’s names and email addresses. So that you have people’s information, you have the leads data, so you can follow up with them, you can add more value, you can share more information.

So the main purpose of the squeeze page, just so we all are clear is to get the person’s name and email address. And you can do that by ethically bribing them by getting a subscription to a newsletter or report, or downloading a video or watching a video or downloading an mp3, or some kind of voucher or gift or maybe it is a call back or something like that. You’ve got to come up with a way to make it possible for them to give you the data. They aren’t just give your their information, you just can’t say put in your information and hit subscribe, you need to offer them something for free right? So you’ve got to think about what it is that you are going to give away for free.

If you were offering a design service for example, and you wanted people to call you for quotes. You could say put in your information and we will call you back for a quote right away. If you’re a printing company, printing companies do this a lot. You see them online, they say put in your information, specify what you want and we will call you back. And that’s as wonderful way to capture information, but what I’m talking about here is capturing information without having to do anything. So the stuff you’ve already created the report, the e-book, the video, the audio whatever it is, isn’t being given away.

Now the most important thing of course is you need to think about two things. Who is your target market? So who’s going to see the squeeze page and what are you going to give them? And then what are their problems? What are their problems that you are solving for that squeeze page? So if you’re targeting business people, and you know their problems are knowing how to market themselves. Then you can give them something related to that. So you need to give them something related to what that is so they can target specifically how that works.

I want you also to think about, you know what are the key things that need to go on the squeeze page? And were going to cover that in a minute but I want you to think about when you see other squeeze pages out there. Which ones strike out to you? And why do they strike out to you? Maybe even put comments below you know, write up a little comment saying: “These are the pages that I like, and this is why”. So we can all see what is out there as well. But in my opinion there are four key ingredients that make up a very good squeeze page.

Here’s the first one, the first one is:
1. A powerful headline, a headline that’s benefit oriented. If I read the headline I’m know exactly what I’m going to get from this page. You know so on there it’s going to read “here’s what you’re going to get from this page” or “Here’s what you’re going to get when you download this report” or “This is the end result you’re going to have when you watch the video” or “This free video is going to show you how this is” or “The free webinar is going to give you this result”. That’s exactly what the headline does. David Ogilvy who is one of the grandfathers of advertising in my opinion, he says that “The headline is read five times more than the body of the actual copy”. So the actual page, the headline is read five times as much as the actual body copy. That’s powerful, so in that five, in that headline you have the most powerful ingredient there to actually impact somebody, to be able to actually give them what they want just by reading that. So that’s the first part, the second part of the four key ingredients is:

2.You need to have a call to action box, so a capture box an opt-in box. Maybe it’s a box that has their name and email address, and if you’re offering even more value you can ask for their phone number, so then you have their phone number. If you’re offering even more value and you need to send something off in the mail, you can ask for their physical address. A lot of businesses, printing companies ask for your name, phone number, email address, your physical address, etc. And they get a lot of value from that, that means if I capture your email address I can only contact you via your email address. If I capture your phone number, I can phone you contact you through that and if I capture your postal address I can send you posts. I can send you information in the mail and contact your from time to time. So the more depth of information you get the more you can contact. That makes sense right? The third key ingredient, there are four remember so, the first was headline, the second was the opt-in, the third key ingredient in making a successful, and effective squeeze page is:

3.The body, the copy that you put in the body. Now that could be text, it could be a couple of paragraphs summing up what it is your offering, a few bullet points and it could be video. You know a video like this sharing that, hey this is what you’re going to get if you put in your name and email address and here’s what you’re going to get. Or it could be a combination a video and some bullet points summarizing what they’re going to get.

4.And the fourth key ingredient is the design of a squeeze page. For me it’s very important the design is simple, it’s very easy to navigate and there’s no distractions. If your design is simple, if there’s no distractions, if everything’s so easy to spot; the headline stands out to you, then you’re going to have a very good squeeze page with high conversion rates. If however, your design is full of colors, it’s very distracting, the images are overpowering the text, you can’t really see the video because there’s too many colors, you don’t really know what you’re supposed to do, your conversion rates drop. So think about the design as well, think about keeping it really simple.

But with those four things in mind:
1. The headline
2. The opt-in box
3. The body copy
4. The design

Let’s talk about five examples alright? There are five key examples that I’ve got that I want to share with you about how you can model other squeeze pages.

The first example is a stupidly simple squeeze page. I call it a stupidly simple squeeze page and it’s for Motley Fool and they’ve got a squeeze page that’s really, really simple. I’ve put it on the slide so you can see it here right now. And in that squeeze page all they’ve got is a headline, the text (two sentences, there’s a few sentences rather) and opt-in box; which is just asking, saying just enter your email. It’s pretty much a white page with a red headline. Very simple for you to navigate and you exactly know what you’re getting as soon as you see that, so a really powerful example, a really good way of having a squeeze page.

The second example I want to share with you is called “The header squeeze page”. And that is a squeeze page with a header a design at the top. The design takes up a little bit of space at the top, maybe about 60 in height, 60 in height so if you tell your designer to have the header 60 in height you could have a squeeze page that looks very similar to the Motley Fool one maybe, or it’s designed differently or looks like this particular example here with a header. And the key thing is, now I think the images in your header would kind of distract people. Takes people away from it, but if you can have your header relate with information of what exactly they are getting so if the header is related to exactly what that person is getting from your squeeze page then it works very well. Just like the example that I have showed here.

The third example is a video squeeze page. And in recent times video has become really, really popular. The example I’m showing here is of Double Your and the original squeeze page was copied by a lot of marketers online. And now it’s been improved with color and with video, now I can only imagine for this particular business the conversions have gone up. I know with me, when I use video my conversions hit the roof. Sometimes 50-60% conversions on my opt-in pages just because I’ve got a video on there. And video is a powerful reinforcement, an engaging reinforcement. So somebody is basically saying that “Here’s what you’re going to get, here’s how to get it, you really need this kind of thing, this is what’s added here” and basically you are giving away some additional value with a video so people can connect with you. They can see you, they can hear you, they can look at how you’re approaching them, etc. They can see that you’re real, you might be humble, it might all come across depending how you’re doing this. And the fact that you’re sharing information is a wonderful thing. The fact that you’re taking the time to create a video to share information is a wonderful thing and people can see that in your squeeze page video. So video certainly works, it helps, it gives away, it helps you increase your conversion rather and of course you can put it on YouTube and get other people to see it as well.

The fourth type of squeeze page is what I call the try it free squeeze page. And in the try it free squeeze page mostly technology companies use this, or people who are offering services online, for example, the example you can see here is AWeber. AWeber’s squeeze page is more of a try it free squeeze page, they have basically an option for you to go in and try out their service, or you press the try it free, or the order now button and you get a free trial of their entire service and that’s how they get your information. Now I don’t know what their conversion rates are but I would suspect a quite high percent of people will continue on and continue to pay them. But even though those who don’t they will still manage to follow up and eventually they get them to come as well.

And then finally the fifth most specific effective page. The fifth type of page is the e-course and e-course squeeze page just like the example shown here and this is Ramit Sethi of squeeze page. Now this one I think is really effective. It’s got a video, a wonderful headline, it’s got a nice header, it’s got three bullet points so it’s very clearly sharing exactly what you’re going to get, and just above the bullet points it says free course so you know exactly what you’re getting. And then a nice simple opt-in box. All in all a very well-produced a very simple produced I presume a very high converting page as well and it has the key ingredients of the headline, it has the key ingredient number two which is the opt-in form, it has the key ingredient number three which is the body copy and it has a nice simple design key ingredient number four.

So, we’ve got in mind these four key ingredients, you’ve seen some examples, I want you to go and work away, work on your squeeze page. Think about your squeeze page a bit more and go and have a look if you already have a squeeze page and think about how you can improve, how you change the words around.

In future sessions and videos we’ll talk about, how to write better, how to improve your body copy to convert more and various other conversion elements. But for now just think about this and see how it works.

The other thing to consider is if you haven’t yet got a squeeze page, you need to go out and build one. I build all my squeeze pages using WordPress and I use a theme call optimize press so think about WordPress and optimize press and go and check them out and you can use them to create squeeze pages very easily. They have some wonderful design templates with optimize press, they can help you improve your conversions as well. I recommend it, I use it myself, I teach all my students to use it as well, and if you haven’t yet gone out there and thought about this idea of lead capture, now’s your time to do that.

So, it’s me Kavit Haria signing off, but before I finish this episode please put in your comment below, leave a comment, let me know what you think, let me know how you’ve improved or how you’re going to improve your squeeze page. What you think of the video, like it, share it on Facebook. That’s all for now, I look forward to seeing you in the next episode.

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