Oct 15

How to create raving fans (plus win 3 Amazon Kindles)


The launch of the web show.

In this video, I’m introducing the Insider Internet Success web video show. We’re talking about what it takes to create raving fans and how to find opportunities in your business to do so (no matter whether you’re starting to build a business or you’re an experienced business owner).

Plus, watch for the end, where I’m announcing a special and easy contest to give away 3 Amazon Kindles to mark the launch of this show. The simple instructions are in the video. I’ll be drawing a winner in our video on 1st November.

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Welcome to the first official video of the Insider Internet Success web video show, I am thrilled to have you here.
You know for the last few years at least this show has been in the making, so I am really excited that we are out here, were shooting and were getting this video to you right away. Over the next few weeks, days, months I am going to be releasing these various different web video shows. Short, up to ten minute bursts of information to help you figure out how to get more traffic, get more conversion, get more online profits, and get more sales and money into your back account using the internet. My goal is to transform your business and your life using the internet, using these video shows. It’s completely free to you, so feel free to interact with me, because the more you interact with me through comments, through liking it, through sharing these videos. I am going to be doing more of these, so I am really excited. I have a whole list of topics coming up in the next few weeks and months and I would love to hear what you like me to share too, so be sure to be around and be sure to enjoy that experience too.

This show has been in the making in my head like I said for many years. I always wanted to create regular video content and share it with you. And finally now I’ve plucked up the courage and created the time in my schedule to be able to do this so I am really thrilled that I could do that for you. You know one of the things that gets me really excited is finding little bits of information I read in books or read in magazines, you know one liners or two liners that make me go “ah ha”, and it’s those one lines or two lines that absolutely make tiny little changes in my business, that over time result in huge changes. In the same way I am hoping that by picking these small, small, small topics and expanding on them. Really getting you to understand what it really means for your business and showing you ways to do things. I’m hoping that you too are going to find these “ah ha moments” or small insights that you can apply to your new or existing online business.

Now before we get any more into the content, I am going to be giving away a very special prize at the end, or I am going to at least I am going to be running a contest and will be telling you about the special prize at the end. So keep an eye out, watch the video right till end, once we through the exciting content about creating raving fans we will get right to the end and I will show you this very special contest where there is a special prize for you to be had.

So the reason why I am putting on that special contest where you have to stay right until the end to hear about is because I would like to get more people to hear about the show. If more people come here and get value from what I am sharing, ultimately it means a lot more people are going to be helped, their business will grow and their life will change and that’s a wonderful thing to do so, with your help if you enjoy this specific first initial video, press the like button and leave me a comment, share the message and lets’ get a lot more people to share this stuff, but be sure to wait till the end because I am launching this show today and there is a special contest for you. Now there is one thing I would like you to do, just before we jump into this content.

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So let’s get into the content, the topic I selected for today is Create Raving Fans.

So let’s get into today’s video, all about creating raving fans. You know whether you are in a business already or not or if you’re starting from scratch, how many of your current customers the ones that come to you come back to you over and over again but also send you other people? So how many referrals do you get? How many people buy from you are buying from you because they like something you have done before and they are also sending new people to you? Or if you’re starting a new business, how can you plug this system in so that you’re doing everything right from the start to create raving fans? To create people that are your advocates that are talking about you over, and over, and over again sharing your messages with the wider world creating like an army of people, you know like a marching army of people that are out there sharing your message with the world.

Having a group of people that are out there raving about you because they have either experienced your products or they have experienced it multiple times and they are bringing new people to you. And they are coming back again, and again, isn’t that like a cheap way to get new business and increase your profits because you don’t have to go out there and spend a huge amount of time finding new business because these people are coming to you over and over again. That’s one thing that I loved, you know my music business? I would say at least 40-50% people have bought again, and again, and again primarily because of the kind of content we have created. The value in the training they recognized that they have used and they got results from.

So first of all if you don’t have a system that already creates raving fans. You need to go back and re-examine what you’re doing, re-examine your marketing systems, your content systems and think about where you can find raving fans. Because every element of your business process whether its delivering content the value in the content, the marketing the service, every single element there has an opportunity there’s a profit center and there is an opportunity for you to get raving fans from that.

And second of course if you haven’t yet got a business up and running you need to think about where in the process of building a business, delivering content, doing customer service can I create raving fans? So how do you create raving fans? That’s the question, when you know how to do that then it becomes inbuilt into your business and that’s the powerful thing because you want to create raving fans from every single customer that comes, now of course that may not happen. Some customers will walk away unhappy disappointed, some customers will just get what they want and leave, but some of them through the services, the experience you deliver to them will become raving fans, and you want to increase that number everyday by one at least. So the question to ask is what experience are you taking them on? What journey are you taking your customers on? What path are you driving them down, so that they become in your business, through your business in your business raving fans. It starts all the way from the first promotion they see of you, the first contact they make with your business. Maybe it’s an e-mail, an ad, a banner ad whatever it is, what is that the first contact they make with your business. How do they find you? Maybe it’s through Facebook or social media? That first interaction what does that make them think of you? And then step by step through the contact process visiting the website getting more information the person that is delivering the information, delivering the product they buy the ordering process, the customer service process, every step of the way what are you doing to create raving fans? People that talk about you, people that recommend you, people that refer you, what are you doing? Now here’s the thing, this is how you think about it. Let’s get more specific actually, when you think about emails for example, when you email a client, how quickly does it take you to respond? Do you respond like within 24 hours or do you take four or five days? When someone gives you a ring how do you speak with them? Do you speak with them like you are so rushed or do you take the care and attention to give them exactly what they need?

The key is in delivery experience, an experience that will be in their point of view something where you have given your time and your energy to deliver for them exactly what they need. So its personal, it’s interactive and it’s exciting no matter whether it is you or your team.

Ultimately creating raving fans comes down to the values you have in your business. You know what does your business mean? What does it stand for? What does your online website mean and stand for to you and to your competitors. For example, you got to examine this but here is an example: are you proactive? Or are you reactive?

Proactive is like the type of person that says “You know I am going to stand up and help you no matter what”, your going to find the solution to your problem, and I am going to deliver it to you, I am going to give you what you need, and I am going to respond to your emails and ask you, now that doesn’t mean that your controlled by the customer because that’s not what you want obviously. You want to be run in a way that you are delivering to them the value, without being put out into something completely different, but of course if it is something you can’t do you’ll be honest, you’ll say I can’t do it but here’s someone else who can help you. So you’re being proactive or reactive.
And second are you dealing with problems right away or are you leaving them for weeks and days or months? Now I know this from first hand that when I have had clients and customers email me in the past I would leave them for quite a while, not very good of course because what spreads they don’t like you they create negative impressions about you and things change right? Now the systems are in place in my various different businesses that I or my team are going to respond within 24 hours with new people and try to get them the answers and requirements that they need, and with clients whenever possible even sooner than that, so they get the ideas that the really require. You know what’s really important? Consistency, because if you respond right away, to one person and that same person you emails you in three days’ time and you are really busy and you can’t get to your email and you can’t re-email them, it’s going to be another few days before you send them and email, and that’s not consistent because they are really excited, because they are expecting some responses from you within just a few hours and instead it will be a few days, so consistency is key. And when you deliver consistent experience and journeys for your business that is how you create raving fans.
There is one thing today that can help you create raving fans much quicker, much easier and much faster than anything else out there, and there are no prizes in what that is right?

Social media, social media; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and so many other different websites, because its user generated content, where people actually creating the content themselves; interacting, updating, adding photos, and adding statuses and it’s so easy for people to write about you and sharing their message about you and their experiences with you and your business.

Obviously if it’s going to be so easy to share really good stuff about you, it’s obviously going to be really easy for people to write bad stuff about you, so your reputation is on the line, but that is going to put the pressure to deliver the best that you can, so always consider how you can be delivering the best that you can.
You know one of the companies that I have always admire when it comes to customer service and ultimately raving fans is Zappos. We probably all have heard about Zappos. Zappos is an online shoe retailer, footwear retailer in the in the US that does over a billion dollars in sales, and they are famed even in the founder has written books about customer service, because their entire business from what I understand, is built on the foundation of customer service. Giving excellent ideas, providing service and getting peoples products to them in time.
People are taken care of when you approach that company, going to shop in that company is no longer just a shopping experience, it’s actually an experience in getting exactly what you want, the feeling that you want, the result that you want having got your footwear and that’s exactly what that company is built on. There are many, many more examples like that.

I mean think about Apple stores. Any Apple store you go to is filled with lots of people in blue t-shirts waiting around happy to help you. Now there of course they are busy generally the store is but there are people there willing to speak with you take their time to explain things, work with you about how things happen, to discuss with you various different solutions, how they work, how you can use them for what you need. That’s great service, that’s service extends of course from Steve Jobs and his philosophy’s, but how amazing that you go to an Apple store and get a wonderful experience, the person deals with you very well and then you leave, you are a raving fan just from the experience, without even touching the product. So that’s also wonderful another example, but back to social media.
The really cool thing about social media is that it’s easy to follow it, and not just easy to following but you can build a community around you, your product, your service, your website and building community is always fun because when you’re working with a community, when your interacting with a community there are lots of cool things that happen. You get to start sharing information, people start interacting with each other and you build like this whole group of people that are excited about you, excited about your product, excited about your website and the things that you deliver and naturally that attracts people. When there is great energy in once place it attracts a huge number of people in the same way when there’s lots of great testimonial, great bars, great ideas about you being shared on social media there’s lots of exciting attraction and new people to the website.

So where do you start? Well the first thing is to focus on giving. You know you can only have two intentions in life. You can have the intention to give of you can have the intention to get, and when it comes to social media the ultimate thing is to have the intention to give without expectation, because the intention to give without expectation can lead you to huge , huge successes. I mean creating conversation by adding value, ideas, comments, sharing tips, sharing quotes, sharing insights that can help people, in getting people to interact with liking and commenting are wonderful ways to initially start a relationship because even if somebody hasn’t bought with you can still create raving fans.

I mean the number of fans that I have in the music business that haven’t even bought from me yet is outrageous, just because I share with them good quality information on a regular basis and you know one day when they are ready they will come and buy or they will refer me and many have already, but the great thing is just by building that free value, that free content I have become a trusted advisor the person they want to go to, the person they want to see as this is the person I am going to go to for what I need and I will recommend them as well. All because I have given them free value and built up a relationship, focus on giving, you also want to focus on creating conversation cause it’s all about running status updates every day , but if you’re not getting any interaction people aren’t commenting to you and writing to you then what’s the point right? So you want to get conversation going entice people ask questions share quotes get people to like what it is you’re doing.

One more thing, use video if you can get up on your website and start sharing your own video, no matter how bad you are. I’m really bad ok, I don’t think that I present very well. I think that I have a passion for it but albeit a professional speaker but the one thing I do know how to do is bring my passion because I am really excited about sharing things about building community, getting marketing, getting more sales and that stuff really excites me. Naturally I know from the successes that I have had, how to do these things so my passion, my experience comes together to create these powerful videos, overtime of course hopefully I’ll improve, I’ll think about your comments, I’ll practice more, I’ll get better but starting right now use your passion, use your energy to show what it is you know the same way on your website so other people can also get to benefit from that value.

So here’s another idea, why not keep your website and your name and your product name simple. Now, whatever it is your brand name, whether it’s you, your product or your website keep it easy, memorable and simple. Try to find ways to match up your product with its benefits, with its values, so you know if you were Zappos, Zappos is a very cool quirky name that people can remember, now I am not sure how that relates to shoes or if there’s another language in the works, I have not done the research on that but it’s a quirky catchy name and people remember it very quickly, so I would think about doing that as well, find a name for your business or your product if your starting out that is, that can become quirky, that can become memorable that people can share and relate to as well. That’s also a very cool way of doing it, the other thing is on your website have Facebook buttons, or re-Tweet buttons, everybody’s pretty much doing this right now but you will be surprised on who is not doing that. I felt a bit weird putting this tip in to here because I think most people have Facebook, and Twitter and LinkedIn buttons on their websites and Google Plus buttons on their websites but really many don’t so I thought I would drop this tip in there because it’s very simple, go to Facebook and find a Facebook button and put it on, find a re-tweet button and put it on your site. Get people to press these buttons because that’s sharing and the more people that are sharing these things the more people that are going have a look at these things will create raving fans for you. Ultimately a raving fan is someone who really enjoys what you’re doing, really likes what you’re doing and shares what you’re doing and comes back for more business with you, so that’s the goal, that what you want to create.

So there you have it, those are the thing that I have been practicing in my business that helped me create raving fans and if you do them yourself start slowly you’re going to create these raving fans yourself. Now before we end it here I hope you really enjoyed this first session, I hope you really enjoyed this web video show. Naturally, I’m going to keep improving, keep rehearsing, keep writing new ideas and sharing them with you please bear with me as I improve. I hope every time, every week I will get better and better and I will make each video even more better for you, so you’re getting the most out of the training. But if you’ve enjoyed this this one so far great! I am really glad and I hope that you’ll stick with us for the journey ahead.

Now here’s the special contest. I’m giving away 3 Amazon Kindles now here’s how you’re going to your hand on one of these Kindles, ok Amazon Kindle is a wonderful tool, every single day I have my books that I read in the Kindle. I read them whenever I can, it’s something I can easily carry around with me and I have hundreds of books on it that I don’t have to carry everywhere else so it’s a wonderful tool and reading is a beautiful way of learning new ideas. Something that I practice a lot of the time. So here’s how you can get your hands on one of these beautiful Amazon Kindles.

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