Sep 17

How To Find E-book Ideas That Sell Like Hot Cakes


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Hi, I’m Kavit Haria, welcome to . One of the most common questions I get is “How do I find popular hot selling ideas for my Kindle e-books?” and when I respond I like to share four things and I’d like to give that to you today.

  1. The first I think is to go to GOOGLE PLANNER. Google Planner is the new replacement by Google for keyword tool, and it’s amazing for searching for keyword volume, specific ideas, specific locations and finding the search volume. So you should definitely go to Google Planner, type in your keywords and do that. You will to sign up for an account of course. So sign up for an account with Adwords, it’s completely free.
  1. I recommend you go to GOOGLE TRENDS. Google Trends is a really exciting service, so if you go to Google and type in trends you’ll find Google Trends. And, it shows you what is trending right now across the world. What people are looking for, what people are searching. The most common ideas, the most common themes that are re-occurring in the search engine, on the news and on social media, and it’s really fascinating idea to look at. So you can get some insight on what’s really working right now.
  1. The third thing you can do is look at AMAZON. Amazon has what they have the non-fiction top one hundred best sellers, right now so you can go to the Amazon top one hundred best sellers, search around for you know some of the ideas there, you know some of the things that are occurring things that seem happen and come up more often. Look at the things that have the most reviews, look at the topics that seem to have the most number of likes and shares. Those are the topics that you might want to consider entering. That you might want to give a bit more time research further into. These are of course preliminary stages remember.
  1. And the forth thing that I promised was to go to EBAY. Ebay also sells a huge number of ideas. A huge number of items, non-fiction, fiction (in terms of books) but also physical products, right? You just can’t limit yourself to the actual e-book content. So, think about the physical stuff that is selling. Perhaps, there could be guides that you can create for the Kindle around specific topics that sell very well. Of course Ebay has hot selling lists as to what is selling the most at what time so, you’re going to get a lot of ideas for thinking outside of the box by looking at places like this. Then taking these preliminary ideas and going into them a bit further. But, we’ll talk about that in a future tip video.

But for now I wanted to leave you with these four things:

  1. Google Planner (as it’s called now)
  2. Google Trends Service
  3. Amazon
  4. Ebay List of Best Selling Items

Have a look at those four things, do a bit of research and see what you come up with.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short video, if you have please feel free press like, share it with anyone else you think would be interested in e-books. And I look forward to catching up with you in next week’s video.

Speak to you soon, bye.

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